An Unofficial Marathon And The Annual...

An Unofficial Marathon And The Annual Easter Bunny Hop Hits Five Years
Before the Easter Bunny Hop, there was Debbie’s Easter Bonnet Marathon (or, the DEB Marathon)… Back in 2003 Bill and I were training for the Frederick Marathon; but weren’t we always training for a marathon?  Anyway, the day before Easter we were scheduled to run our final long run of 20-22 miles before our taper.  Since I h [...]

The Tortoise & The Hare 8K; From...

The Tortoise & The Hare 8K; From The Race Director’s Perspective
I’ve run a lot of races over the years, 89 if you only count the ones listed on my Race Results tab.  A few more, if you count the others that I ran way too long ago for me to remember their names or distances… I’ve run enough races to make me appreciate a well organized race.  I know it takes a lot more than a good race dir [...]

Friday Favorites And Feetures Socks W...

Friday Favorites And Feetures Socks Winner
Today’s post is a conglomeration of totally random stuff; some funny, some inspirational, and one thing that will be very exciting for one person…  Nothing ties together, so don’t expect any great transition sentences from paragraph to paragraph! One of my clients posted this on my Facebook… From Facebook And speaking [...]

What It’s Really Like To Be A H...

What It’s Really Like To Be A Hokie
Last week I wrote about what it’s like to be a Hokie in a guest post over on Coach Daddy.  In honor and memory of our 32 Hokies lost seven years ago today, I am rerunning the post… ************************************************* Before I jump into what it’s like to be a Hokie, Let me explain what a Hokie is.  [...]

RRCA Coaching Certification: Here I ...

RRCA Coaching Certification:  Here I Come!
Even though I hadn’t gotten an email notification, last week I instinctively decided to look on the Road Runners Club of America site to see if any coaching certification courses were coming my way.  I’ve been trying for what seems like forever to get in a class, but every time I heard about one, it was full by the time I tried to [...]

2014 Loudoun Half Marathon Race Recap...

2014 Loudoun Half Marathon Race Recap And A New PR
Today was the Inaugural Loudoun Half Marathon and as expected the Ashburn Area Running Club did a fabulous job in putting this first-time race together.  I first heard about this new race at the Reston Ten Miler and decided that I wanted to add it to my race calendar, mainly because the race proceeds were going toward the local high school tr [...]

George Washington Parkway Classic Ten...

George Washington Parkway Classic Ten-Mile Recaps
The George Washington Parkway Classic Ten Mile Run is one of Bill’s and my favorite races, and it has been a staple for area runners since 1984.  After being bused to the start at Mount Vernon, runners run back down the George Washington Parkway to Old Town Alexandria.  The first part of the race is a gentle downhill, with the only real [...]

When The Whistle Blows, Off She Goes:...

When The Whistle Blows, Off She Goes: Have You Done Your Job Already, Dad?
On Wednesday, Eli graciously allowed me to write a guest post for his blog, Coach Daddy.  Being the good southern girl that I am, I returned the favor and immediately invited him to come on over, have a rum and Coke Zero, and share some stories with my readers. Having raised two sons, I wanted to ask Eli about raising daughters, how he’ [...]

Feetures Socks Giveaway

Feetures Socks Giveaway
It’s no secret to my running friends that I love my Feetures socks!  From the first time I tried on a pair about three years ago, they have become my absolute favorite for running and everyday wear.  The woven arch support on my Elites makes my feet feel fabulous, and since I’m on my feet while working, my arches love the extra support. [...]

Guest Post On Coach Daddy

Guest Post On Coach Daddy
A couple of months ago Eli, over at Coach Daddy asked me to be a guest writer for his blog.  He gave me three prompts to choose from and I chose, What It’s Like to Be a Hokie.  I’m sure my friends and regular readers won’t find that very hard to believe, because if there’s anything I like to talk about as much as runni [...]

EX2Adventures SBYB Ten Mile Trail Run...

EX2Adventures SBYB Ten Mile Trail Run At Fountainhead Park Recap
Last fall Bill and I fell in love with trail running, but hadn’t run on any true dirt trails since we ran up to Molly’s Knob at Hungry Mother State Park in October.  We have lots of great paved and gravel trails right right outside our door, but to get to a good technical trail, we have to hop in our car and drive 30 minutes.  Ain [...]

Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run Recap(s)

Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run Recap(s)
In honor of tomorrow’s 43rd running of the Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run, I’m recapping the years that Bill and I ran this fantastic and beautiful race.  I’ll even talk about the year that we woke up to snow on the ground and like the wimps we were, went back to bed. The Cherry Blossom Ten Miler has been part of the annual Che [...]

What Has 24 Legs And Can Run 199 Mile...

What Has 24 Legs And Can Run 199 Miles…
Question:  What is a Ragnar Relay? Answer:  It’s a team of twelve runners that are cooped up in two vans for approximately two days getting stinkier by the hour… Question:  What will you do for two days? Answer:  Run, eat, drive, wait; run, eat, drive, wait; run, eat, drive, wait (notice the lack of sleep) Ques [...]

New 10K PR And A Weekend Recap

New 10K PR And A Weekend Recap
I’m super excited to have kicked butt on my run today!  The air was crisp, the sky was blue, and the sun was shinning.  In other words, it was perfect weather for a 10K PR so I decided to put it all on the line and push myself like never before.  I’m beyond excited!  Of course, I might not be able to walk tomorrow, but it was wort [...]

2008 Georgia Mararthon Recap

2008 Georgia Mararthon Recap
My friend Terri and I set a great plan into action for running the 2008 Georgia Marathon together.  After scoping out the details, we decided to stay in the Omni Hotel so we could roll out of bed, take the elevator down to the lobby, walk out onto the plaza, and start the race!  One problem…  Mother Nature had other plans!. On March 14, [...]

Finding A Gold Mine… My Old Ru...

Finding A Gold Mine…  My Old Running Folder
Selfishly, part of my little corner of the internet is just for me.  Yes, I love to write about my my current running escapades with the Cruisers and MRTT friends, and about when I meet another blogger.  I write about what’s going on in my community, what I’ve eaten, and what races I’m training for because that’s fun a [...]

Moms RAN Our Nation’s Capital!

Moms RAN Our Nation’s Capital!
Please welcome my Cruiser and Moms RUN This Town friend Amanda as she takes you on a tour of DC during the recent Rock ‘N’ Roll DC Half Marathon.  Amanda is a busy working mom of two who joined the Cruisers over a year ago.  She ran her first marathon, the Marine Corps Marathon, last fall and has run several other half marathons a [...]

2002 Washington DC Marathon Recap And...

2002 Washington DC Marathon Recap And A Class Action Lawsuit
Way back in 2002, the Inaugural Washington DC Marathon ran through history… but only briefly.  I believe their hopes were to become the spring version of the Marine Corps Marathon, but that wasn’t to be. There was no race morning packet pick-up, so our friend Bob and I drove over to Stadium-Armory on Friday aft [...]

The Time I Ran Dead Last: 2006 And 2...

The Time I Ran Dead Last:  2006 And 2009 National Marathon Recaps
Five and eight years after the fact, I’ve prepared a throwback recap for the 2006 and 2009 National Marathons.  Sit back and join me, as I tell about running dead last in the 2006 race, and stripping down at the halfway point in the 2009 race… The National Marathon was run from 2006 through 2010, before becoming the Rock ‘N& [...]

Favorite Running Gear And Products

Favorite Running Gear And Products
I’ve decided to be one of the cool kids again this month and join in the fun with Amanda and Becka for their Runner’s Tell All Monthly link-up.  If you remember, last month I wrote My Running Story In 250 Words as part of their link-up.  This month their cue was to write about your favorite running gear and products, thus my catch [...]

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2014 Race Schedule

February 9 - Run Your Heart Out 5K
March 2 - Reston 10-Miler
April 6 - Fountainhead Park Backyard Burn 10-Miler
April 13 - Loudoun Half Marathon
May 10 - TKO Melanoma 5K
June 14 - Varmint Half Marathon
July 4 - Firecracker 5K
August 17 - Leesburg 20K
September 12 & 13 - DC Ragnar Relay
October 12 - Hokie Half Marathon
November 27 - Thanksgiving Day 5K or 10K
December 7 - Run With Santa 5K

Favorite Races

1997 Marine Corps Marathon (3:44:56) - first marathon and first Boston qualifier

1997 JFK 50-Miler (10:50:30) - first and only ultra

1998 Boston Marathon (3:39:57) - first Boston

1999 Steamtown Marathon (3:29:04) - PR marathon

2010 North Face Endurance Challenge Marathon (5:32:38) - only true trail marathon

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