~ Runfessions ~
A collection of statements admitting
that one is guilty of a variety of running crimes…


It’s time again to join in on the fun and clear my conscience of recent running, biking, fitness, nutrition, and life in general faux pas. I know I’ll feel better when I’m done, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll give you a laugh or two in the process!


I bikefess: I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve become a litterer… a litterer of lipsticks, that is. During the past year I’ve randomly lost three lipsticks from my bike bag, and all are the result of me not properly snapping my bag closed.

The first lipstick flew out of my bag while bouncing down a very rough gravel road while on a VeloPigs ride. At least I only lost a lipstick, one of the other riders lost a lot of skin from the outside of his left leg.

The second lipstick was lost on another country road, this time after stopping to reapply lipstick after refueling. And the third flew out of my bag while cruising down a highway with my bike on the back of our SUV.

The bigger question might be why would I carry lipstick in my bike bag? There are three reasons really:

  1. I slather sun screen on my face and lips prior to riding and lipstick serves as a barrier to seal in the sunscreen so I don’t lick it off (and taste its nastiness).
  2. My lips dry out while riding and lipstick serves as a moisturizer.
  3. I’m vain and think I look better when my face and lips aren’t the same color. 😉


I runfess: I was late to the Ali on the Run party. For several years I’d heard my friends talking about listening to her podcasts, but I’d never subscribed. It wasn’t until her battle with breast cancer that she hit my radar and I started following her story on Instagram that I finally downloaded her podcast. Her podcast, and those of Father Mike Schmitz, kept me entertained for hours during my huge painting projects last summer and fall.


I runfess: More often than I’d like to admit, I forget to stretch after my runs. It’s not like I’m a fitness professional and know better or anything. 😉


I runfess: I have a very basic running Garmin (affiliate link) which only has options for run, run indoors, bike, and other. After my walks I immediately go to Strava to quickly change the sport from run to walk so my running average speed isn’t affected. Imagine my frustration when I got this notification after a walk, but was going immediately into sessions and wouldn’t have a chance to make the change until several hours later. LOL


There you have it, my most recent runfessions; and you can bet that it feels good to get another set off of my chest!


  • Questions:
  • • Do you have any favorite podcasts? If so, which?
  • • Do you wear makeup (tinted sunscreen, lipstick, mascara, etc?) when you workout? ~ Usually, just lipstick for me unless I work out at the end of the day and am already wearing makeup.
  • • What are your runfessions?




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