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Key Workout Tools that Aid in Injury Recovery

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links…   Homework is Essential for Recovery As I recover from an injury with the expert guidance of my physical therapist Ashley, it is my responsibility to do my homework. Ashley is a key part of my rehab, but the greater responsibility lies on my shoulders. If I don’t do […]


Why I’m Taking A Break From Inversion Therapy

The Initial Injury Back in the winter of 2012 I experienced a debilitating back injury which resulted in sciatic nerve pain in my entire right leg. It was pain like nothing I had ever experienced even though the back injury itself ended up being relatively minor. The injury was so minor in fact, that I […]


Ten Benefits Of Being An Injured Runner

Runners rarely get injured. We cross-train. We stretch after every run. We foam roll regularly. We always ice our sore muscles. We stay well hydrated. Most importantly, we listen to our bodies and stop running immediately when we feel something isn’t right. Um, not really. We have the best of intentions.  Really we do.  But […]


Common Signs Of Overtraining

I wish I could run every single day… I love it that much! But age has its advantages, and one of them is wisdom; and if my body is too old to run everyday, at least my brain is wise enough to realize it. I remind myself of the common signs of overtraining, and use those signs to help me […]


Rolling It Out

I’m a big fan of foam rolling, and really need to do it more often!  I tend to roll out my muscles after a race or long run, but they would certainly benefit from regular work.  I mean seriously!  If I have the opportunity to get a sweet little massage for my legs after every […]

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