I actually woke up hoping that it was raining so I could stay snuggled under my warm covers and sleep a little longer. When I didn’t hear any rain drops hitting our sky lights, I got up and checked the weather forecast. 33 degrees with an 81 percent chance of rain… And that, right there in a nutshell, ladies and gentlemen, is the reason it’s so wonderful having a group of running friends to meet on a cold rainy morning!


Despite the air temps and 100% humidity, there was no wind so it felt quite warm and I had to shed my jacket and mittens in no time. Our run was fun and engaging and we were finished with eight miles in no time; and before I knew it, I was home, showered, and oh so happy I’d run!

Look what we saw for the first time this year… buds on the bushes along the trail! I’m sure you will see pictures of these guys every few weeks until they pop open and the delightful season of spring is upon us!


At Costco yesterday I picked up a bottle of Naked Green Machine after reading about it on several other bloggers’ posts. It looks like the drink that my son invented for Invention Convention when he was in fifth grade. His concoction was called FV5 (5 fruits and 5 vegetables) and it tasted absolutely horrible! Naked’s Green Machine, on the other hand, is delicious! 🙂


Have a great Saturday evening everyone!

  • Questions:
  • What’s the weather like where you live? Is spring in the air?
  • What’s your favorite post run drink?
  • What are your Saturday evening plans?