Bird Encounter #1:  Tuesday morning I heard a eery screech and thought little children might be outside playing and making crazy sounds.  I went to my living room window and saw this guy “singing.”  After hearing him sing, I can now say that I “sing like a bird!”     🙂


Mr. Starling

As the week has progressed, he has stayed on our window sill looking in and singing that awful song while pooping endlessly.  His newest trick is to tap dance making yet another horrific sound when his feet tap against the sill.  He has also learned to jump and peck on the window between songs.  Not only is our wind sill disgusting, but the window is filthy, too.  Fortunately, it doesn’t show up in the picture below.


Mr. Starling’s Song-and-Dance Stage

Bird Encounter #2:  Monday morning I heard a LOUD BOOM on my dining room window and when I ran outside I saw a robin standing next to the mailbox panting like a dog. He was quite stunned, and it took him a while to get his composure back and fly away. I’m thankful that I didn’t have to give him mouth-to-beak CPR!


Stunned Robin

Bird Encounter #3:  One day a few months ago while working out in my basement, I heard a REALLY LOUD BOOM and ran to the window just in time to see a hawk shaking himself off and flying off of our deck.  He had flown into either our basement or family room picture window and had fallen onto the deck.  I was thrilled he didn’t break the glass!


Red Shouldered Hawk, photo courtesy of my husband

Bird Encounter #4:  When my husband and I were first married, I ran past a huge canopied tree near our apartment and around the USU campus.  Every morning a bird would dive bomb me as I ran by.  When I told Bill, I don’t really think he believed me until one of our friends told us that the exact same thing was happening to him!  We think it was a momma bird protecting her nest!

Bird Encounter #5:  My in-laws built a beach house in what was a somewhat isolated part of the beach (at the time).  On our first visit, a Plover tried to attack us every time we ran or walked by.  Again, we think she had a nest nearby!


  •  Questions:
  • Do you have a good close encounter with a bird story to share?
  • Have you ever owned a pet bird?
  • Do you have hawks in your area?