We are under tornado watch as I write this…  It’s been a tough week for the running community, and I want to think of something happy!  And boy-o-boy have I got just the right thing to show you and make us smile:  A PUPPY!!!  Meet Obbie…


This photo was taken two years ago at the GW Parkway Ten-Miler that the Cruisers and I run every year.  Obbie, an Australian Shepherd, belongs to our friends in Alexandria and Obbie and his mom Barb are so sweet to come out every year and cheer us on.  We have dubbed Obbie the official Cruisers mascot!  He a big guy now, but still just as sweet.  Barb just told me that they will be watching for us again this year!  Be sure to check back here on Sunday for his grown-up picture, and to get a recap of the race.

This phrase will be my mantra on Sunday as I run in the GW Parkway Ten-Miler.  Last year when I was injured, and was just starting back running, my friend Lolly was kind enough to walk almost the entire race with me (we ran for 1-2 minutes at every mile marker).  With my recent minor injury and Lolly’s knee pain, we plan to run about the first five miles and then run/walk the rest of the race.


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Enjoy the rest of your Friday!  See you tomorrow with pictures of the chicken Parmesan that I’m making tonight!   It’s my specialty!  🙂

  • Questions:
  • Do you have a dog or puppy?
  • What are you having for dinner?  What’s your specialty?
  • If you were injured, would you skip the race or run/walk it like Lolly and I plan to do?