I am thrilled beyond words to tell you that two days after I ran in Sunday’s race, my back/legs feel really good!  This morning I went for a five-mile run on the trail behind my house and saw some pretty cool things…

Before I even got out of the house, I heard the ducks squawking and looked out my kitchen window.  I saw our neighborhood fox trying to catch breakfast, but the ducks wouldn’t have anything to do with it!  My husband has some really nice cameras and long lenses, but I’m pathetic using them, so I always grab my little camera.  Can you find the fox in the picture below?


Where’s Waldo; I mean where’s the fox?

As I headed out my back door to get on the trail, I ran past the storm drain that goes from our cul-de-sac to our back yard.  The county is in the process of their spring fire hydrant flushing, so I was treated with this waterfalls!


Hydrant Flushing

About 20 steps away from our back yard we have a community trail that runs all through our neighborhood.  It’s mostly tree covered and well used by my family!  This is one of the many beautiful trees that I see several times a week!


Old Man Vine-covered Tree

My sincerest apologies for posting a picture of May Apples again this week.  No not really…  I have this thing about May Apples!  They just make me smile and remind me that spring is here!


Trail May Apples

Who can explain this?  While running along the trail beside the creek, I saw this collection of shells.  I did not touch them or move them…  This is exactly how I found them.  I don’t know if an animal or child left their shell collection behind.


Trail Shells

Remember last month when I posted a picture of these snow-covered trees near a client’s house and said to remember them…


March 18

Here is how they looked yesterday when I drove to her house.  Every year I look forward to seeing them at peak, and yesterday was apparently the day!


Flowering Cherry Trees

I will leave you with a picture of my favorite little client!  Here she is demonstrating how she can do a splits-stretch.  Do you see the little cereal puff that I used to encourage her?


Stretch those legs!

  • Questions:
  • Who/what do you think left the shell collection behind?
  • Could you find the fox in my pathetic photo?
  • What’s something cool you’ve seen along the running trail lately?