My morning started with a three-mile run/walk with a client who wants to become a runner.  Our current routine is to alternate running and walking in half-mile segments.  After three miles we return to my house to do a little core work and stretching, and then she’s on her way.

As soon as my client left, I ran with my BRF before my next client got to my house.  And yes, in case you saw Monday’s post, I had it on my calendar!  Susan was doing hill repeats while she waited for me to meet her.  As I ran up the hill, I caught her tapping the stop sign and smiled because I knew what she was doing… it’s a runner thing.  She couldn’t turn around without touching her “turn-around object.”  I tell the Cruisers if they don’t touch the mile-marker post when we turn around, that the run doesn’t count.  Again, it’s a runner thing!  🙂  This made me think of doing a post called “It’s a Runner Thing” that looks into the quirky things we do!  I hope to get it up next week after I take a few more pictures.


These pictures may not have anything to do with exercising, but I saw them all at the gym or on the way to a client’s house.  This guy was totally chilling in the back seat of his mom’s car with his ears, lips, and jaws flapping in the wind.  Unfortunately, I had to wait until I stopped at a light to take his picture, and by then gravity had returned his face to normal.


These geese parents have started bringing their baby goslings (is that redundant?) out for afternoon strolls while I’m with clients at the wellness center.  I left the gym about 30 minutes after I took this picture, and I had to wait for this same family to cross the road in front of me!


And now they’re running!


I’m pretty sure they are showing off for me and hoping to impress me enough so that I would invite them to become Cruisers!  What do you think?  I’m sure if these guys were chasing me I’d run a lot faster!


Remember the post I did called Shopping at the Wine’ing Butcher about the new gourmet market that opened up in our community?  Yesterday I stopped by and picked up Key West marinated chicken.  It was the second time we got it, and I must say that Bill grilled it to perfection!  I know you’ve been missing my food posts!  🙂


  • Questions:
  • Do you have any runner quirks you would like to tell me about, or any photos you think I should use?
  • If you have a dog, does he like to ride in your car with his head hanging out of the window?  Does he ever run with you?
  • Have you ever been chased by a goose? Emma?