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Cruiser Geese

My morning started with a three-mile run/walk with a client who wants to become a runner.  Our current routine is to alternate running and walking in half-mile segments.  After three miles we return to my house to do a little core work and stretching, and then she’s on her way. As soon as my client […]


Motivational Monday

I couldn’t have said the above quote better myself…  Of course I couldn’t have; Mr. Burfoot is a running legend, the winner of the 1968 Boston Marathon, and is an editor-at-large at Runner’s World. There are many reasons my clients hire me to help them get fit and learn how to live a healthier lifestyle.  […]


Shopping at the Wine’ing Butcher

One day last summer I noticed that a company called the Wine’ing Butcher had liked Personal Fit Fitness, my business Facebook page. I Googled it and quickly discovered that it was a wine store/butcher shop that had two stores in New Hampshire; and couldn’t understand how they had found me. While snooping around some more, […]