Lucky for me, I just happened to walk into the main office of the wellness center before I left today and found this!  I may or may not have eaten one…  One of our reps brought these delicious pieces of art to the office earlier in the day, and the staff was just cracking the box open.  Perfect timing!  I didn’t really wait to be offered one, I just asked, “Are those Georgetown Cupcakes?” and grabbed the one with white icing and sprinkles!


As proof that these are legit, here’s the shopping bag they were delivered in!  In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, Georgetown Cupcake is located in Georgetown and the store is famous for having a line of people wrapped around the block.  The TLC show, DC Cupcakes, is about Georgetown Cupcake and its owners’ trials and tribulations of opening new stores.  They also have stores in Bethesda, Boston, New York, and Los Angeles.


Prior to my cupcake distraction, I had a whole different direction that I was going to take today’s post, but my sugar comma has me in a state of complete confusion!  Anyway, I do remember asking the staff and my client a one-question survey:  Why or why not would you go on a five mile run with me?  Here are their answers:

  • I would like to run with you…
  • but I would want to run a shorter distance.  Five miles is too long for me right now. (Three people wrote this answer)
  • so I can get outside instead of being stuck inside.
  • for my health.
  • because I’ve always enjoyed running and I love the outdoors.
  • because it would also help me lose some weight and get me fit.
  • I wouldn’t like to run with you…
  • because I don’t like running.
  • because I get too tired and my chest starts hurting and burning.
  • because my knees would hurt (no support, my cartilage is gone).
  • because it’s boring.  I would rather play sports or a game with friends.
  • because my feet and knees would hurt too much.
  • because I don’t like running.  A 200-yard dash and I’m done, but if Cobie Smulders was running, I’d find a way.

It sounds like I have some work to do to make them into runners!  I’ll come back to this survey soon when I write about one of my favorite running books, Born to Run by Christopher McDougall.  By the way, I love this book so much that I bought a copy just for one of my lucky readers!  Watch for my giveaway details to be posted soon!


On a totally different note, I’m working on a very fun project tonight!  I am making a pinata cake for Julie’s graduation from Virginia Tech this weekend.  I can’t post pictures yet because she reads my blog and I don’t want her to know what treats I am hiding inside!  I’ll post pictures of it on Saturday, after she cuts it!

  • Questions:
  • Have you ever eaten a Georgetown Cupcake?
  • What is your favorite cake/frosting combination?
  • Have you read Born to Run?