Before I get into the details of the Cruisers’ morning run, I need some help from you guys.  I’ve been working on a post called “It’s A Runner Thing” for a little while and I’d like to publish it this week.  I have been collecting photos and comments from friends about odd and quirky things we runners do.  If any of you have any crazy things you do when you run, and would like to share, please let me know in a comment below.  I’ll send you an email so I can get the details.  Pictures are always welcome,too!

Last Saturday I was so busy planning our Cruisers’ W&OD Trail 45-Mile Ultramarathon Training Run that I didn’t post any pictures from our group-run, so I’ll share a few now.  Chuck decided to go on a 35-mile bike ride instead of running with us (I know, the nerve, huh?), and caught up with us on his ride back home.  While running I held my little camera over my shoulder behind me pointing back toward him and snapped!  Look out sports photographers, I’ve invented a new technique; and no heavy lenses to carry around!


I got quite the workout trying to get a good picture of Amanda, Vamshi, and Chuck.  I would sprint ahead, turn around, take a picture, realize that it was blurry wasn’t quite what I wanted, and would sprint ahead to take another picture.  This was my favorite picture because it shows how Vamshi and Chuck (even on his bike) can’t catch up to Amanda.  Girls rule!


Let’s move on to today’s run, shall we?  It started with cocktails last night…  My friend Terri lives just up the street and since we moved into the neighborhood, she and I have been talking about getting together for happy hour on a Friday after work.  Ten years later, we finally made it happen!   She and her hubby came to our house so we could make them our our newest specialty, the Swan Beach Cocktail.  I invented this drink at the beach, thus the name.  It’s a delicious combination of Crozan Coconut Rum and Peach Mango Fuze.  It was so good that I may or may not have had a second one!  The only thing this has to do with running is that they left me dehydrated and I had to drink lots of extra water.


Back to running…  This morning Chuck decided to go on another bike ride (55 miles this time), and caught up with us right after we started.  He rode with us for a half mile or so, and I did my same little photographer’s intervals of sprinting ahead, taking a picture, etc.  Today I caught Beth, Vamshi, and Chuck together.  Cruisers Alan, Shawn, and Bill were somewhere on the trail nearby, just not right with us at the time.


All that sprinting required that I take a GU.  HaHa!  I hadn’t had one since the Richmond Marathon.  After that race, I discovered that Shot Blox do better on my tummy, so I’ve switched over to them.  Since I had forgotten to bring any fuel, Bill shared his with me.  As soon as I tasted it, I said, “This tastes just like a marathon.”  At five GU’s per marathon times 40 marathons and one ultra, I’ve taken in 210 GU’s (always vanilla bean) just at marathons.  I can’t even begin to imagine how many I’ve gone through on training runs.


I thought of my grandma when I saw these mimosa trees along the trail.  She had one in her front yard that the hummingbirds loved.  I miss that tree… and my grandma.


 Only two more weeks until the Cruisers’ W&OD Trail 45-Mile Ultramarathon Training Run that I’m planning and talked about last Saturday in my post I’m Doing Another Ultra!.  If you are in the area and interested in joining us for all or any part of it, please go to our Facebook event page to RSVP.  Runners, bikers, and support crew are all welcome!

  • Questions:
  • Last chance!  What are your running quirks?
  • What fuel do you take on your long races and runs?
  • Is there a particular tree or flower that reminds you of a loved one?