As if I didn’t already have enough reason to love Road ID since they gave me two $35 e-coupons to give away on my blog (I still have one saved for another lucky reader), my Cruiser friend Katie just told me about this new iPhone app!


According to the founder of Road ID, as one of the first people to download the app, I have “made it very apparent that you are ‘I am’ a wicked-smart pioneer, a trendsetter and all-around amazing human being.”  Why, thank you, Edward!  I couldn’t have said it better myself!

As an “adopter” of the Road ID app, I received a 10% coupon via email once I set up my account.  So hurry and upload your free app and maybe you’ll receive one, too!

Warning:  If you get queasy easily, you may not want to read any farther!

I was so excited about my new app, that I decided to celebrate by eating an avocado!  But then the knife slipped when I stabbed the seed to pull it out and went through the avocado and into the palm of my hand…


Fortunately, the knife didn’t go all of the way through my hand!  Yes, the first thing I did was turn my hand over to make sure it hadn’t.  I’m off to the wellness center a little early to have one of the doctors take a look at my lovely little puncture wound.  I’m sure it’s fine and I’m just being dramatic, but since I’ll be there to train my clients anyway, I might as well have someone look at it.


That’s what I get for having a healthy snack… I’ve never stabbed myself eating a french fry!

UPDATE:  The doctor at the wellness center put a stitch in my hand and recommended I get a tetanus shot since the wound is deep and I haven’t had a tetanus shot in nine years.  Typing is fun since my hand is bandaged like a crab claw and my fingers are still numb!  🙂

  • Questions:
  • Do you think that you will download the app?
  • What other cool running apps do you use?
  • Are you as big of  a danger to yourself as I am?