Sunday afternoon as I scrolled through my twitter feed, I saw a tweet from Running Bloggers letting me know that I’d made the 2013 Readers’ Choice Top 100 Running Blogs!  Sweet!

I came home from my visit with my parents to the BEST. SURPRISE. EVER!!!  Bill and Joseph painted this VT stripe on our garage wall while I was gone!  Daniel was at work or I’m sure he would have painted a blue and gold WV over it!  🙂


Yesterday I actually remembered to turn my Map My Run app on during my 3-mile tempo run (I ran an easy 15 minute run to and from the trail).  Despite running at noon, it wasn’t too hot!


And speaking of the weather, this morning’s weather was totally rockin’ and it was far cry from last Friday’s hazy, hot, and humid steam bath we experienced.  Friday’s are a day off from running for me; so please-oh-please stick around, delightful weather, for tomorrow’s long run with the Cruisers!


Deb Run’s reader, Jimmy Evans, alerted me to a huge running streak that came to an end on Tuesday.   Mark Covert hadn’t missed a single day of running for……. drum roll please…. 45 years!  So what did he do on his first day of no running?  He went on an 18-mile bike ride!  I think I would have eaten a celebratory box of Little Debbie fudge rounds!  😉



Those of you that really know me, know how much I love “walked into a bar” jokes.  The following video reminds me of this one…

A bear walked into a bar. He walked up to the bartender and said,
“I’ll have a beer …………………… and some peanuts.”
The bartender answered, “Sure, but why the big pause?”

Yes, this bear really did walk into the Lonigans Saloon Nightclub & Grill in Estes Park, Colorado while people were enjoying a beer.  Of course, this reminds me of another “walked into a bar joke”…

A bear walks into a bar and sits down.  He bangs on the bar with his paw and demands a beer.  The bartender approaches and says “We don’t serve beer to bears in bars in Estes Park, Colorado.”  The bear, becoming angry, demands again that he be served a beer.  The bartender again tells him “We don’t serve beer to bears in bars in Estes Park, Colorado.”  The bear, very angry now, says “If you don’t serve me a beer, I’m going to eat that lady sitting at the end of the bar.”  The bartender, once again says “Sorry, but we don’t serve beer to bears in bars in Estes Park, Colorado.”  The bear goes to the end of the bar, and as promised, eats the woman. He comes back to his seat and again demands a beer. The bartender says “Sorry, we don’t serve beer to bears in bars in Estes Park, Colorado that are on drugs.”
The bear says “I’m not on drugs.”
The bartender says, “Yes you are, that was a barbitchyouate.”

Oh come on, you know you laughed!  My sincerest apologies to anyone I offended…

  • Questions:
  • What team logo would you paint on your garage walls?
  • What’s your longest running streak?
  • What’s your favorite “walked into a bar” joke?