The very first thing we do when we get to the beach house is put out our American flag.  We unlock the door, carry out the flag, and then start opening up the house, carrying in our luggage, groceries, etc…


Every run at the beach is a little different depending on the tide… and that determines the time of day that we run.  This week low tide is in the middle of the afternoon, so we’ve been on some pretty hot runs.  If the temperature is going to be too hot, we hop in the SUV and drive down the beach into town and run on the paved trails earlier in the day.


Our timing was perfect when we headed out about 30 minutes prior to low tide so the sand was as packed as it gets for our run.  Even with the sand being packed, our legs still felt pretty shredded when we finished eight miles.


At our turn around point, I decided to send a message to everyone, just in case they weren’t aware…


And get in a little free advertising…


We considered stopping and playing golf, but forged ahead!


Bill had a little friend join him on our run.  This sweet dog chose to run with Bill, not me, both times we passed her family.  Her person told us that she used to take her on runs. Obviously this sweet pup misses running!


And just because I think this is adorable, I have to throw this in.  Little vehicles for getting to the beach from the houses are huge down here.  We’ve just started seeing them the past couple of years.  This is our favorite one so far!  We love the little awning on the top of the tiny truck bed!


  • Questions:
  • What’s your least favorite surface to run on?
  • Have you ever played golf at the beach?
  • What’s your favorite beach activity?  Reading, playing ladder golf, throwing a frisbee, playing bocce ball, playing corn hole, or just relaxing?