Let’s start today’s post with a moment of silence for this Nike shoe that stayed on the fence post on the corner of our road for the entire week that we were at the beach.  I’m assuming that the owner had long ago left the beach…



Perhaps she had lost the other shoe on one of her runs and decided that she would leave her remaining shoe as a shrine to it’s long lost sister…



Yeah, that’s my shoe that I stepped right out of when I decided to get out of the deep loose sand and run down by the water as the tide was coming back in on Saturday morning.  BTW, I pulled my shoe out of the sand before I thought to take a picture; originally the front third of it was buried.



Coming back from a walk, my blogging assistant suggested that I take a picture of this really cool sand castle that someone else had built.  I wouldn’t have thought of it.  Thanks, Babe!



We saw several rainbows during the week, but this was the only complete arch.  I didn’t see any pots of gold or leprechauns.



There’s something about the sandwiches we make for lunch at the beach that taste so good!  I think it’s the pickles, or sliced red onions, or spinach, or tomatoes, or provolone cheese, or smoked turkey, or the remoulade sauce.  Or maybe it’s the barbecue chips!



We decided to go house shopping for a new beach house.  No, not really!  I took this picture to get your opinion on something.  Should a beach house have a lawn?  Bill says absolutely not, but I say maybe…



I think I’d like the people that live in this house!  Not that I like beer, but I think they’d be really fun!



Nothing more than a pretty picture on a beautiful day of a dune topped with sea oats…



On Monday I went for an early morning run before we headed out of town, and look who was walking up our road to greet me!



She didn’t seem to be the least bit bothered by me.  I just stopped and let her walk by…



And then for an hour I ran with this view…  See you soon, sunrise over the Atlantic!



  • Questions:
  • Where was the prettiest rainbow you’ve ever seen?
  • Beach houses: lawns or not?
  • Beer, wine, or cocktails?