If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a little obsessed with college football, and my Hokies in particular!  Yesterday was College Colors Day, so I rocked this outfit for my 7 AM running client.  Remember back in April when I wrote BEST. NEWS. EVER = Hokie Half-Marathon and told you how excited I was to register for it?  At the time I was looking for a shirt to match my new VT shorts.  This summer I found both orange and white Nike racer-backs that I love.  And guess what?  There’s only two more weeks until the race!

Oh wait, didn’t I start out talking about football?  Anyway, my beloved Hokies play #1 Alabama tonight and I think we are 20 point underdogs.  I would love a big ole upset, but I’ll settle for us not to embarrass ourselves…  Go Hokies!  #BeatBama


This morning the Cruisers met for our weekly group long run.  Amanda is training for the Marine Corps Marathon (her first), and was scheduled to run 18 miles.  I ran 14 with her and I’m so grateful that I’ve been feeling really good and that I’m able to get these slightly longer runs in. I can’t believe that I forgot to take a group photo, especially now that I know how to use my timer on my camera.

After trying Amanda’s Honey Stingers a few weeks ago, I went out and bought some.  Is it weird that I think they are so yummy and would be temped to eat them like candy?


There were millions of bikers out today.  Just as we were about to start back up from a potty break* and water fountain stop, we saw this peloton of bikers heading toward us; and this was just one of many groups of cyclists.  We also saw a lady ride by on an ElliptiGo, but I didn’t get a picture…  *You didn’t think I could talk about a long run without saying the word “potty,” did you?


This little bug sprinted across the trail in front of me and I stopped in my tracks to watch him.  He was moving faster than any bug I’ve ever seen.  Sorry that the picture is taken from above him, but he was moving so fast that I couldn’t get a picture of him on his level.  Does anyone know what kind of bug he is?


We got back to our cars and I found this note tucked under my windshield wiper.  These two Cruisers were doing their own thing this morning and weren’t sure if they’d see us or not.  It’s nice to be loved!  🙂


And speaking of cars, we regularly see this yellow Jeep parked in the trail parking lot.  We’ve talked to the lady that drives it, but she’s never run with us.  I’d say that it’s very safe to assume that she’s a very active, outdoorsy type of person.


Apparently she does it all!  Hiking, swimming, biking, running, relaying…  Ragnar is definitely on my running bucket list!


I resorted to a roasted vegetable California Pizza Kitchen pizza for lunch.  Bill has to work all weekend so it’s just me, and I just didn’t feel like making anything.  Carbs post-run are good.  No?


After lunch I stopped by to visit my little next door neighbor who was busy making presents for his friends and family with his new Rainbow Loom.  It’s all the rage here for both boys and girls.


While visiting, he offered me chocolate Teddy Grahams and I thought it would be rude to turn them down, so I had a couple a handful.


I didn’t leave empty handed either!  Ev made a maroon and orange bracelet for me!  I wasn’t blogging at the time, so I haven’t shared this with you, but for Christmas he gave me a Costco size box of 36 Mounds bars, my favorite candy.  Is he the best, or what!?!


  • Questions:
  • When and what is your next race?
  • Can you identify that little orange and black bug?
  • What stickers and magnets are on your car? ~  I have a Runner Girl magnet on the side of my car
  • Have you heard of Rainbow Loom?