Life suddenly got a whole lot busier for me; but no matter how busy my life gets, I never forget to appreciate what a wonderful world we are given to live in.  On Monday morning when my first client and I finished up our run, I noticed what a beautiful gift a little spider left for me between my deck and Alberta spruce.  This perfect spider web looked like a CD and seeing it truly made my day start out a lot brighter!


I’m not sure if you missed me or not, but I actually didn’t have a chance to write anything for three days…  My clients are returning from summer vacations so my work load just got a lot heavier than my lightened summer schedule.  Reality check!  Also, we’re having a few repairs done around the house so I’ve been busy and distracted with that, and for some reason I’ve been in the mood for spring fall cleaning.

My first stop was our wreck of a mess called our running cabinet.  We had stuff everywhere.  I found this many safety pins scattered in it… that’s a lot of races and unused pins!  I threw away a lot of sample snack bars, energy tablets, pain relief creams, etc. that we’d never tried and had gotten pretty old and nasty.  Not that I don’t like trying these products, these had just found their way to the back of the cabinet and had gotten lost among the junk…


Look what else I found!  This is Bill’s old Garmin that we got him for Father’s Day years ago when Garmins first came out.  That huge arm band is the receiver and had to be worn in order for the GPS to work!


I decided to move everything into one of our laundry room drawers and look how organized we are!  We already keep our running bags, extra towels, sunscreens, etc. in the laundry room, so it only made sense to move everything in there.


Tuesday night I went out to dinner with two of my very good friends that I don’t talk about much since they don’t run, and I mostly talk about running with you guys.  Years ago we started a birthday dinner group where the birthday girl gets taken out for dinner.  Originally there were six of us, but with friends moving away, it’s now just the three of us.  Tuesday night I ordered Shrimp Messina (sautéed shrimp, mushrooms, spinach, toasted pine nuts and lemon butter over cappellini) and wasn’t disappointed!  I might or might not have had a lemon drop martini, or two…  AND guess whose birthday dinner is next?


Tomorrow is College Colors Day and I have a special treat in store for my 7 AM client.  Don’t forget to wear your colors!  Stay tuned!

  • Questions:
  • What beautiful thing in nature have you noticed lately?
  • Whose got a three day weekend coming up? ~ Not me, I’m seeing clients both Saturday and Monday mornings.
  • Where do you keep your non-clothing running stuff?