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A Long Run Junkie’s Tips For Surviving Your Next Long Run

With spring marathon season upon us, runners are finishing up their last long run, tapering, or basking in the glow of hanging another medal on their rack. For those who didn’t run a spring marathon, but are running this fall; or for those who enjoy running multiple marathons per year (I like your style), you’re probably […]


We’re In It For The Long Run

  The long run has always been my favorite – the longer the better.  Some of my fondest memories are of 22 and 24-mile point-to-point training runs with the Cruisers.  We’d finish the run exhausted, elated, and ready for a well deserved afternoon nap.   Long runs can be considered the foundation of marathon training. […]


Running Along Route 12, Without Getting Killed

Fitting our long run in while on vacation at the beach is never a problem.  Deciding just where to run it is… Yesterday we decided to try running along Route 12 so we would have a consistent running surface, and a change in scenery.  Running along the shore at low tide is beautiful, but the […]


Amazing Endurance Runners And An Evening Back On Campus

Yesterday I started my last morning visiting my mom with a 12-mile extra-hilly run.  My run was far better than my previous one, but those hills put a hurting on me.  My total time was 2:00:54 (10:04 pace), and my quads are still complaining! I ran past the trash and recycling center and since they […]


That Couldn’t Have Been Lightning… It’s January!

When my alarm went off at 6:15  Saturday morning, I was in such a deep sleep that I didn’t hear it for a couple of minutes.  The snuggly-warm draw of my bed was almost too much for me, but I had people to meet and miles to run so after hitting the snooze alarm twice, […]


Running First, Dodging Rain Drops Later

Since Bill and I were in Blacksurg for the game, we met Meagan for a long run this morning.  When we got to the trail parking area, we noticed a bridge under construction for what we think is part of the Huckleberry Trail extension to the south.  Of course I may be spreading rumors, but […]


Bumping Into an Old Friend

When Bill and I headed out for an early morning run, it was only 55 degrees…  My kind of weather!  🙂  I decided to run ten miles today since I won’t be able to join the Cruisers tomorrow morning for our long run.  I couldn’t convince any of them to call into work sick and […]


Saturday Roundup

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a little obsessed with college football, and my Hokies in particular!  Yesterday was College Colors Day, so I rocked this outfit for my 7 AM running client.  Remember back in April when I wrote BEST. NEWS. EVER = Hokie Half-Marathon and told you how excited I was […]


Cruisers Destination Run on the Virginia Beach Boardwalk

Our family was in Virginia Beach this weekend for a wedding, so naturally we had to go on a twelve-mile destination run along the boardwalk on Saturday morning!  After running on this asphalt trail for about a block, we realized that it was for bikes and we moved over to the concrete boardwalk for the […]


Cruisers Rock Rock ‘N’ Roll USA Half-Marathon

Today was a huge day for the Cruisers!!! First I want to give a shout-out to Vamshi, Amanda, and Kim for their great performances at the Rock ‘N’ Roll USA Half-Marathon in D.C. this morning! All three Cruisers did great, and two set a new PR! Back home, Bill and I met Beth on the […]


Kicking it up a Notch

There were five of us Cruisers on the trail today, and I was thrilled to see my friend Chuck back after almost a year off with a nagging hip injury! I was also happy that my hubby could join us again after a little bit of a heel injury.  I had been worried that the […]

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