I’ve wanted to become a Road Runners Club of America certified coach for years, but I never saw a class offered near me until this summer.   By the time I found it, it was already full.  I got on RRCA’s email list so that I would be notified of all new courses and could sign up quickly.  Today I saw an email for a new set of classes being offered.  It had only been 50 minutes since it had been sent, so I confidently got my credit card ready to sign up for a course being offered near DC.  I was too late…  Believe it or not, the course was already maxed out at 35 people.  Seriously, in less than 50 minutes it was full?


Changing gears…
This past weekend we had a Virginia Tech reunion of sorts when one of our very good friends from Tech got married along the beautiful Piankatank River in Hartfield, VA.  When we arrived at the wedding venue (our friend’s property), the reception was already in full swing.  No we weren’t late, drinks and hors d’oeuvre were being offered before, during, and after the wedding.  These friends know how to throw a party!


I don’t even remember what the other signs said because this one cracked me up!  It’s so true though…  I’ll bet you’ve never heard anyone say, “Remember when we all went to that all you can eat salad bar and then we…”


The Billy Price Band was amazing, and the happy couple danced the night away.  I may have dance to a song or two, or twenty…


Photo courtesy of Bill

The party rocked on under the tent under the most gorgeous sky full of stars for hours.  Even as a little kid on the farm, I don’t remember seeing so many stars in the sky!


  • Questions:
  • Have you ever tried to get into a RRCA Coaching Course?
  • Have you attended a wedding where drinks were offered when you arrived?
  • What type of music do you like to dance to?