It was 29 degrees when we drove to meet the Cruisers for our weekly group run.  I didn’t see any frost on the pumpkins, but I saw frost on the  bridge railings.


Since the temps were supposed to warm up quickly and I was planning to run twelve miles and would be out for a while, I wore a short sleeved shirt and capris.  It was a really good call, except for my hands.  I had on gloves, but needed my running mittens on top of the gloves.  My fingers got so cold that I actually felt sick to my stomach.  Even though my body runs quite warm and I’m always wearing at least one layer less than my friends, I have to double cover my fingers during my winter runs.  It was a rookie mistake, that I won’t make again next week!


It’s very nice having a yogi Cruiser on board.  Here Jerome is getting Vamshi set up for a hamstring stretch.


Gentle guidance and those hammies are happy.  Jerome says that he does this stretch routine for three minutes every morning.  Hmmm, I thinking of something…


Oh yes, that’s it!  It reminds me of Pooh Bear’s morning stoutness exercises!

In the Cruiser group photo, I’m wearing my new Artic green Nike sun protection shirt.  I got it and this long sleeved peach shirt at Potomac River Running last Sunday.  I kind of like them!  My dermatologist has been suggesting that I wear sun protection clothing for years.  He’ll be happy that I purchased these.  Please don’t tell him, but I bought them because I liked the colors.  It wasn’t until I got home that I realize the fabric had sun protection built in.


My UPF 40+ Nike shirts had pretty funny warnings on them.  The tag says, “This UV Protective garment is not Personal Protective Equipment.  / Provides UVA and UVB protection from the sun in the areas covered by the garment.  It will not protect areas that are exposed.  To protect these areas, the use of a good quality sunscreen is recommended…”


Usually I’m a very positive person and don’t bring negativity to my blog, but this annoyed me.  When I opened my Greek yogurt, the container was less than half full.  All four yogurts in that pack were the same.  Today I had the same brand of yogurt from a new four-pack, and it was filled to the typical three quarters full amount.  In the picture below I had pulled the top off, but hadn’t stirred or eaten any of it.  Perhaps I should have returned the remaining three when I opened the first one, but I kept expecting the next yogurt to be half full, not half empty. 



  • How cold was it this morning where you live?
  • Have you ever tried sun protective clothing?
  • Have you purchased any half full boxes, bags, or containers of food lately?