I ran across these pictures a few weeks ago while digging through old marathon pictures.  The follow story still makes me smile whenever I think about it…

Ginger had never been a runner, but decided that she would like to add that to her exercise routine.  She was a big fan of Jazzercise, which she did regularly, so she was already in pretty good shape.  Soon after she started running, she set her sights on participating in the 2002 Senior Olympics, specifically the 50, 100 and 200 meter sprints.

Ginger inquired with the personal training director at Worldgate Sport and Health about hiring a running coach and was teamed up with moi.  We started out by doing strengthening exercises to increase her leg strength and working on her running form at the indoor track at the gym.  We also met at the local high school track to work on her starting form since she was participating in sprints.

In order to qualify for the National Senior Olympics, Ginger needed to run under a specific time or metal to go forward .  Not only did she medal, but she got three golds!

Ginger called me from her hotel room after winning her three gold medals and when she told me how well she had done, I screamed so loudly that she said her husband could hear me from across the room!  It was a happy moment for me indeed!  I was so very proud of Ginger’s hard work and accomplishments!



After winning three state gold medals, Ginger went back to working full time.  Even though she had registered for Nationals, she didn’t go that year because she no longer had time to train properly and didn’t have the confidence to participate.

After that season, Ginger qualified for Nationals a few more times, but never got more than second place at States (still a huge accomplishment).  She went on to participate in several Nationals!


Ginger recently sent me a note saying,  “Before the States competition, you gave me confidence that I could achieve!”


Just last weekend a got a note from Ginger.  She told me that her granddaughter, a senior in high school, had just gotten a full cross country and academic scholarship for next year!  Ginger went on to say that her granddaughter had been greatly influenced as a little girl when Ginger ran in the Senior Olympics; and wanted to become a runner just like her grandma.  And look where it’s taken her!  Congratulations to both of these amazing ladies!


  • Questions:
  • Did you run track or cross country in high school or college?
  • Does your gym have an indoor track?  ~ I miss the indoor track at Worldgate.  I loved training clients on it.
  • What are your long term fitness goals?