I’ve already told you how my Thanksgiving holiday weekend started with a recap of the Ashburn Farm 5K.  Now it’s time to tell you all about the rest of the weekend!

After the race and the post-race breakfast, we chilled for a little while and then got ready to host Julie’s family for Thanksgiving dinner.  I think my Thanksgiving china is pretty cool; and maybe the fake fall leaves are a little tacky, but they make me happy…


I enjoyed my carbs immensely, but as you can see, I also had a huge delicious salad.  The big ugly blob of food on the front of my plate is the most amazing macaroni and cheese I’ve ever eaten (you can also see it in the top left of the photo in the casserole dish where it looks a lot better).  Daniel asked for mac and cheese as a side dish this year (didn’t the pilgrims eat mac and cheese?), so I searched online for the perfect recipe.  As soon as I saw this recipe for Gouda Bacon Macaroni and Cheese, I knew that I need look no further!  I mean seriously, how can anything not be delicious with smoked Gouda and bacon in it?


On Friday I vegged…

Saturday morning I got up early to join the Cruisers for our weekly long group run.  It was neither long, nor a group…  Jerome and I met, and since he only had time to run six miles before heading off to teach yoga, I decided that was plenty for me considering that I’d run ten miles on Thanksgiving morning.

Jerome caught me trying to put my mittens back on top of my gloves after a pit stop.  And yes, I need a pit stop during a six mile run.  This porta-potty calls my name…


Bundled up with mittens I couldn’t tell what I was doing with my camera.  When I got home and uploaded my pictures, I had about eight pictures like this one of Jerome.  I had turned my camera on for him to take a selfie of us, but didn’t realize I was snapping away!


Here’s proof that we ran together, and that it was cold (22 degrees)!


I had the forethought to bring hand-warmers with me to put between my gloves and mittens.  It worked like a charm, but made me even more clumsy, thus the upside down pictures!


Two of my good friends stopped by for with lunch!  Vel hadn’t given me my birthday present yet, so she brought it and lunch from California Tortilla.  This salad was so good!


Saturday night I put up our Christmas tree.  I’m so glad that we have a pre-lit tree and don’t have to string lights on it…  Ha!  Four strands of lights later, and it was ready to decorate.


One of my favorite things to do is watch college rivalry football while decorating the tree.  It’s always the weekend after Thanksgiving, so it plays right into my decorating frenzy.  After a much less than stellar season, my Hokies won Saturday evening against our in-state rival, bringing home the Commonwealth Cup for the tenth year straight!  It was only our second win since my dad died, and just like after the Miami game, I didn’t know what to do.  You see normally after a Virginia Tech football win I immediately called my dad (even if I was at the game), and he would pick up the phone shouting, How ’bout them Hokies!”  I no longer have him to call, so I break down sobbing…


Sunday morning I ran with my BRF and then spent Sunday afternoon decorating the rest of our house for Christmas, and almost got finished.  I’m not sharing pictures until I’m finished so you’ll just have to wait…

  • Questions:
  • How cold were you on your runs this weekend?
  • Have you ever run with hand-warmers?
  • Do you put up an artificial tree or real tree?  ~ We always put up a real tree until the tree stand broke one time and leaked water all over the floor and even into the basement.  Fortunately, it was into an unfinished basement room.