May is Melanoma Awareness Month and throughout the month I’ll be posting various articles, stories, pictures, and links that relate to skin cancer prevention and early detection.

Some of the articles I have planned are (Note: edited to include links):



Dear 16-year old me:
Lying out in the sun for an hour is stupid.
You’re a fair skinned girl and won’t get a golden tan.
What you will end up getting are 3-inch diameter blisters
everywhere your tiny bikini doesn’t cover;
and you’ll be planting the seeds for a future melanoma.



I’ll be talking more about that horrible burn,
and many more that were to follow, during the next few weeks…

In the meantime, get naked, look at your skin,
and become familiar with every little freckle, mole, and mosquito bite!
And then look at it again, and again, every month, and note any changes.

I found my melanoma early.
Hopefully, you will, too!


  • Questions:
  • Did you get any bad burns as a child?
  • Do you check your skin regularly?
  • Has your life been touched by melanoma?