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Each week Courtney, Cynthia, and Mar either suggest a theme for that week’s Friday Five Linkup, or leave it up to individual bloggers to come up with their own Free Friday theme.

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This week’s theme is Fitness Snapshots

1.  My fitness snapshot starts with my clock.  To truly take a look into the life of an athlete, you have to realize the sense of self-discipline that is involved, and that often means getting up very early.  My clock is more likely to be set at 5 AM than 3:30, but yes, I have gotten up this early for a race or to complete a workout before a busy day.


2.  A quick look at the equipment in my home gym, and you’ll see many fitness snapshots.  I try to lift weights three times a week for general strength and to compliment my running.  With a well appointed gym just steps away, there are no excuses!


3.  If you follow me on Instagram, you know that most Tuesday and Thursday mornings I post a FitSnap picture of our workout.  Sometimes it’s a selfie of our running group, sometimes it’s a picture of the running trail, and yesterday it just happened to be of my leg.  Putting it out there with my distance and time is a true fitness snapshot.


4.  One of my favorite fitness snapshots was captured by my client’s daughter moments after my client and I crossed the finish line of her very first 5K.  This picture says everything, and words can’t express how happy I was at that moment.

5.  Perhaps the most beautiful fitness snapshot is that of our future athletes, running for fun, running for the pure exhilaration of feeling free and pretending they’re flying.



  • Questions:
  • What’s your fitness snapshot?
  • What are your plans for the weekend?