While between training cycles my running isn’t quite as exciting as  it was during last summer and the fall.  Still, I’m going to keep posting my weekly, recaps more as a log for me than an entertaining story for my readers, but I’ll try to make it interesting.  Follow along if it interests you, if not, please be sure to pop back by on Wednesday for my Molly’s Knob trail run recap.

My car was in the shop last week, so feeling very European, I walked everywhere I needed to go.  It’s 5.82 miles round-trip to the wellness center so I walked to train my clients there, and while I was there, I lifted for about an hour.

I met my MRTT friends for a 5-mile run around the neighborhood on Tuesday morning (9:37 pace).  We still meet near the hills we used to run, but since we’ve all completed our targeted fall races, and are at a relaxed point in our training and between training cycles, we skip the hill repeats.  When we finished our run, we stacked our lights for a creative post-run picture.


Bill and I had hoped to leave for Blacksburg on Wednesday afternoon, but my car wasn’t ready yet, and Bill had a late meeting in DC, so we opted to wait until Thursday morning to drive to Blacksburg.  That afternoon I walked 1 mile to pick up my car, rather than calling for their shuttle service.

Later in the day, I lifted, working on my new exercises that SMART Lab recommended I do to help prevent injuries.

We had hoped to head down to Blacksburg extremely early, but didn’t get started from our house until almost 9 on Thursday morning.  We didn’t make it to Roanoke in time to go on trail run to McAfee Knob as we’d planned.  We arrived at our hotel with just enough time for me to shower before heading to our tailgate before our Hokies game.  Apparently, we think:  tailgate > trail run!

We got up bright and early on Friday morning and drove from Blacksburg to Hungry Mother State Park for a 7.3-mile trail run around part of the lake and up to Molly’s Knob.  We ran there for the first time last October, and I returned to run it with Meagan in June.

About a quarter mile from the parking lot at the end of our run, I stepped on a rock covered in leaves, twisted my foot, and landed on the ground.  The pain was intense when it happened, but I shook it off, stood up and ran the rest of the way to the car with little to no pain.  When Bill caught up to me in the parking lot, I was walking around normally, and stretching.  He had no idea I’d fallen until I told him about it on the car ride to my mom’s house.

After lunch, Mom and I went to the cemetery since it was the one year anniversary of Dad’s funeral, and we walked around the uneven ground visiting my grandparents’ and great-grandparents’ graves.  By the time we got home, I couldn’t dorsiflex or put any weight on my foot.  I elevated and iced it, and even took two Advil.  It was hurting so badly (and I have a high pain tolerance), I let Bill take me to urgent care.  X-rays showed no broken bones, and the nurse-practitioner that saw me decided that I only had a bad sprain.

I woke up Saturday morning shocked at how much better my foot felt!  I expected it to be swollen even more and completely black and blue, but it hadn’t bruised anymore, and the swelling had gone down almost completely.  Unfortunately, it was still bothering me just enough that I had to be careful walking, and couldn’t take Mom Christmas shopping as we’d planned.  I kept  my foot elevated and iced it several times throughout the day.

My foot felt even better on Sunday morning, and I was hardly limping.  We made the six-hour drive home, and I continued to baby my foot.  It’s the craziest thing… My foot feels so good now that I feel rather ridiculous that I went to urgent care on Saturday afternoon; but at the time, I was convinced that it was broken.

Here’s to hoping for a run later this week to see how my left wheel is doing!


Total weekly workouts:
Running – 12.3 miles
Run/walk – 0 miles
Walking – 8.82 miles
Lifting – 2 hours
Planks – 10 (longest 2:30)


  • Questions:
  • Do you live where you can walk to get most things done if necessary?
  • What fun fall events have you done this year?
  • Who raced this past weekend?