This past week…

I was pretty surprised on Monday that my calves were still sore from our trail run on Friday.  I walked around a bit gingerly, lifted weights, and rolled out my legs.

I met my MRTT friends on Tuesday morning at 5:30 for a 5-mile run at a 9:30 pace.  Since the time had changed over the weekend, we brought up the sun, rather than finishing our run in the dark.


I got home from my run just as Bill was heading out to run and vote, so I took off with him.  We took the long way to our voting polling place.  After we voted I ran home (2.3 miles round-trip), and Bill continued on with his run.

Wednesday morning I lifted, and then had a crazy busy day spread out between client appointments and a dentist appointment.  That evening, my MRTT buddies started posting on our Facebook group about the next morning’s looming rain storm, and wondering if we should meet.  Once Amanda, posted this eCard, we all became a little more focused on getting out on the trail the next morning!

Since it wasn’t too terribly cold, I met Erin and Kelley for 5 miles at a 9:16 pace in the pouring rain.  The old Debbie didn’t care how cold the rain was; as long as it wasn’t icy, I’d get my run in.  These days, I prefer to cross train on my bike when the temps drop on a rainy day.


Bill and I woke up a little dejected on Friday because we weren’t planning to run to the top of a mountain like we had the previous two Fridays.

It was quite the honor to run 11 miles with Ellie as part of her W&OD Trail 44.5-mile ultramarathon on Saturday when Bill and I joined her about 9 miles into her run.  She had friends spaced out along the course, and only had to run a half mile alone.  I’ll have a complete recap of her run tomorrow.



Total weekly workouts:
Running – 23.3 miles
Lifting – 2 hours


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  • Questions:
  • I saw on social media this past week that a lot of people ran or walked to their polling place to vote.  Were you able to?
  • Would you attempt an ultra that wasn’t part of an organized race?
  • Who raced this weekend?