Long before the blog, and possibly even before I was on Facebook (yes I’m talking about the olden days), I somehow heard about Hug A Runner Day.  On that cold November 20th morning, I hugged my favorite runner goodbye before he left for work, and left my house for a solo run around our neighborhood in hopes of running into at least one other runner to hug.

First I saw Lorraine out walking her dog.  I’d gotten to know Lorraine through my BRF, and we’d even run together a few times, so even though she wasn’t running, she counted!   After a quick explanation and hug to Lorraine, and a pat on the head of her little white dog, I was off to find another person to hug.

Just a couple of streets away, I saw my Cruiser friend Shawn waiting at the bus stop with her daughter.  I gave her a quick sweaty hug and continued on my run.  Soon I noticed a car slow down beside me, and saw my Cruiser friend Alan (Shawn’s husband) smiling out of his open car window.  After leaning inside his car and giving him a big hug, I finished my run, satisfied that I’d accomplished my fun little goal!

Today, I met friends at 5:30 AM on the trail, and didn’t have to run all over my neighborhood to find runners to hug!  It was especially sweet to get to run with Amanda, my fellow Cruiser and MRTT running buddy!


And before I leave you today, I just have to share this again.  I saw my all-time favorite picture of a runner getting hugged, last fall on Sue’s recap of the Marine Corps Marathon…  Ooh Rah!


  • Questions:
  • Have you hugged a runner today?
  • Who’s your favorite runner to hug?