It’s been a long time since I’ve written about a Saturday morning training run, so sit back and enjoy a lot of pictures!

Our MRTT group had two starts this morning – one at 6:30 and one at 7 AM.  I chose the 6:30 group because I always like to get out as early as possible to beat the heat and the bikers.

I keep telling the other girls that there becomes an age when a girl shouldn’t be the one in the front taking the selfie, but they don’t believe me, so here I am, front and center once again!


Deer-in-the-headlights selfie

We had runners running all distances, and Tracy and I stuck together for 10.5 miles, dropping people running shorter distances off along the way.  Being marathoners, we stopped to pose with the 26 mile marker – something I’d never taken the time to do before.


Tracy and the 26 mile marker


Posing with my favorite mile marker

After Tracy and I turned around to head back to finish up our run, we started passing the ladies that had started at 7 AM.  I pulled my cool little trick of running a bunch of Fartlek Photo Sprints in order to get in front of the ladies so I could turn around and take their pictures.   First up were Keri and Alexa, both of whom I’ve gotten to know through runs and MRTT events.


Keri and Alexa

Next were Rachel and Nema, neither of whom I’d met before.  We chatted with them briefly before heading on our way.  After our run we got to talk to them longer, but more on that later.


Rachel and Nema

A little later we passed four ladies I hadn’t met before and Misty, whom I’ve both run with and hung out with at races.


MRTT ladies running strong



As Tracy and I approached the parking lot, we decided to keep running a little farther and turn around for a ten-mile finish.  We over estimated the distance we ran, got caught up in conversation, didn’t hear our ten mile chimes, and kept running.  We were at 10.41 miles when we realized that we had run past our planned mileage, so of course we had to run a little more to make it a nice and tidy 10.5-mile run!

Back at the parking lot, we found Nema planking and got a chance to talk to her and Rachel a little longer.


Nema planking

After I left our run, I drove straight to Home Depot to pick up some potting soil and paint.  As I pulled into the parking lot, I saw a hug tent with RUG SALE written across the top.  I just happen to be in the market for a new rug for our library/office, so it stopped to see what they had.  I found this one that I really like, and it looks a lot prettier in the room than it does in this picture.

While in the tent I found this very pretty round rug for our foyer.  I’ve wanted a round rug for that space for years, but had never taken the time to look for one.

I plan to spend the rest of the day doing a little yard work, watching the Nats game, and perhaps even taking a nap.  I’m bushed!


  • Questions:
  • Would you rather shop at Home Depot, Target, your favorite clothing store, or your local running store?
  • Do you enjoy gardening or do you consider it a chore?
  • Who raced this morning or is racing tomorrow?