Even though I’m not running Boston this year, and will probably never have the privilege to run it again, I’m very excited for my running friends who are in Boston preparing to race this morning, especially those running it for the first time! Please join me in wishing them an amazing fun-filled race!  My advice to anyone running Boston (who doesn’t have a chance to win or place in their age group) is to remember that they’ve already earned their spot in the Boston Marathon, and for them to take time to savor every. single. second. of the race.  The day will fly by – enjoy it!

I’ve been blessed to qualify for the Boston Marathon at twenty races, and I made the trip up to Boston to run the race twice.  If you’re interested you can read my throwback 1998 Boston Marathon recap and my 2010 Boston Marathon recap by clicking on the blue links.

To get you in the spirit for today’s race, I thought I’d give you a little Boston Marathon Quiz!  The answers can be found at the bottom of the page.



Boston Marathon Quiz


While pondering the answers to the questions above, you can follow the course route from Hopkinton to Boston on the postcards below.  Oops!  Did I just give away one of the answers?  About the postcards – in 1998, Adidas gave out this very cool postcard packet at the expo.  Each card represents one of the towns runners run through on their way to Boston.



I love this saying!

In 2010 Adidas gave out these small poster boards for fans to make signs on the back  to hold up for their runners.  I still have my signs that my Cruisers friends held up for me when I passed.



So how do you think you did on the Boston Marathon quiz?  Here are the answers…


Boston Marathon Quiz Answers



  • Questions:
  • Will you be able to watch the race today?
  • What fun things did you do over the weekend?
  • Did you race this weekend?