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Anticipation – the action of anticipating something;
expectation or prediction..

“Her eyes sparkled with anticipation.”



I thrive on anticipation; but then again, I suspect most people do. Sometimes the anticipation is more enjoyable than the event itself.  Sometimes it isn’t.


Anticipation gets me through our cold and dreary March each year.  I anticipate spring flowers, running in shorts, and smelling freshly cut grass.

Anticipation accompanies me as I plan our next big party.  The hours I spend cleaning, shopping, and setting up get absorbed in daydreams about how much fun our guests will have, and how appreciative they’ll be of an enjoyable night out.

As a runner, I plan out my race schedule at the beginning of each year with great anticipation.  Of each of the races, I wonder:  Which of my friends will be running…  What will my age group competition look like…  Will I be healthy come race day…  What will the weather be like…  Most of those factors are out of my control, and that adds to the excitement and anticipation. 

Often though, the things that are completely out of our control are things that can be so frustrating when they don’t measure up to the anticipation.  They’re silly in the big scheme of things, but when you have high expectations, the disappointment can be real.

Things that didn’t/don’t always measure up to the anticipation:

  • Redskins football (most DC sports for that matter)
  • Hokie football
  • Some first dates
  • Teaching physical education

Things that exceed/exceeded my anticipation:

  • Christmas
  • Going off to college
  • Getting married
  • Becoming a mom

Things that I greatly anticipate:

  • Vacations
  • Grandchildren (when the time is right)
  • Runs with friends
  • Travel when I retire


How does anticipation effect you? 

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