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Today’s word is motivation……  I’d love to have you link up, and if you do, please remember to follow my six simple rules.



Motivation – stimulation of someone’s interest in
or enthusiasm for doing something….

“Motivation from the coach brought out the best in the team.”


Motivation comes in many forms, and we all are motivated differently.  I was born a pleaser.  Getting recognition from my parents or a teacher for a job well done was all I needed to make me try even harder the next time.

The same has happened to me all these years later with running.  If I meet a new running friend who’s faster than me, I’m motivated to work extra hard so I can run with her.  If I have a really good run, I’m far more motivated to push myself on my next run to go faster or farther, and if I place second in my age group at one race, I’m motivated to train harder to win my age group at the next race. 


As a runner, I find motivation in ways that might not apply to other aspects of my life.  The running Deb is motivated by:

  • Competition of my peers, no matter their age
  • Finisher medals – that shinny bobble at the end of the race
  • Age group placings and the accompanying awards
  • An opportunity to hang out with like-minded friends
  • Social media postings with cute little graphics


As a trainer, I find that my clients find motivation to get fit or  lose weight in a variety of ways, including:

  • Goal setting, and in turn working toward meeting those goals
  • Being held accountable by me
  • An upcoming reunion or big social event
  • Knowing that they will have to weigh-in or get measured when we meet
  • How my other clients are doing (yes, they sometimes ask how they’re doing as compared to my other clients)



Another thing that motivates me is deadlines – as in my Wednesday Word deadline! It has to be posted by 12:00 AM every Wednesday.  It’s 10:25 as I finish up this week’s post because this week I was motivated not to wait until the last minute!


What motivates you?

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