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Annoying – causing irritation or annoyance….

“It didn’t take long for all that mud to become very annoying.”


There’s a reason I’ve never done a mud run, and it became more and more obvious with every step I took this past weekend at Ragnar Relay Appalachians WV.

I grew up on a farm with plenty of mud and other aromatic mud-like substances all around the cattle barns.  That was then, this is now. 

Back then I was young and tough, now I’m not. 

Back then I was a tomboy, now I’m a princess.

Back then I had overshoes, now I have trail shoes. 

Back then I walked in it, now I run in it…



I have fallen in love with trail running over the last couple of years. 

Give me a dirt trail winding up a mountain to a scenic overlook, and I’ll take it on with the excitement of a child running toward the tree on Christmas morning. 

Throw in some rocks and roots and I will scramble over them without nary a complaint. 

Give me a creek to cross and I will charge through it gleefully like a puppy splashing in water for the first time.

But give me mud – slippery, slimy, stinky, annoying mud…



Give me mud and I’ll find it annoying that my pace slows to that of a snail.

Give me mud and I’ll find it annoying when I slip and fall on my behind.

Give me mud and I’ll find it annoying when I hear that sucking sound and feel my foot slipping out of my shoe.

Yes, give me mud and I’ll find many reasons to be annoyed, yet a teeny tiny part of this princess will love feeling like a badass when I finish my run with mud all over me.  Just don’t let me get any on my tiara!


What do you find annoying?


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