I’m taking a break today from finishing my Ragnar Trail Appalachians WV recaps to introduce you to my amazing teammates!  If you’ve missed my recaps, you can catch up by clicking on these three links:  Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

As I’ve mentioned before, I had so much fun on my CruisersRagnar DC team that I tried to form another team for Ragnar Trail WV.  I wasn’t able to generate enough interest, but as fate would have it, a spot opened up on our MRTT team and I was invited to join.

My new teammates were amazing, and I can’t do my recaps justice without introducing you to these terrific ladies!  Introducing my fellow Ragnarian Mud Mavens (Hmmm… that would be a good name for next year’s team):


Runner 1 – Gayle
Our team captain, Gayle, kept us all in line.  Not only did she do lots of behind-the-scenes work prior to our trip, but she kept us all organized and updated throughout the weekend, and made it look easy.   We were very grateful for everything she did for us.  Gayle will be running both the Morgantown Half and Chicago Marathon this fall.



Gayle, left, and her running buddy Luci


Runner 2 – Deb
Seriously, I think you already know enough about me.


Runner 3 – Angela
Angela is one of my early morning training buddies, and Nelson the running dog’s mom.  We ran ZOOMA Annapolis together about a month ago.  Angela is running the Diva Half and Army Ten-Miler, and is debating on running either the Richmond Half or Full Marathon this fall.


Runner 4 – Erin
I met Erin for the first time when she and Carrie arrived at my house on Friday morning for our drive to WV.  She’s super fun, and I hope that we’re able to hit the running trails together in the future.  Erin’s next race is the Patrick Henry Half Marathon.


Runner 5 – Carrie
Carrie and I’ve run a few races together, and by run races together, I mean we were at the same race, and talked before and afterward.  She’s super speedy and will be running Boston next spring.  Her next race is the Wineglass Marathon this fall.


Runner 6 – Meagan
I probably know Meagan better than anyone else on the team even though we live about 250 miles from each other. We’ve run a few trail runs together, and the Hokie Half together twice.  Meagan was the most experienced trail runner on our team, and her next race is the Hokie Half Marathon in September.


Runner 7 – Lupe
Lupe is also one of my early morning training buddies.  She gives me that extra kick I need, and is always up for finding a new trail to explore.  She is training for this fall’s Diva Half and Marine Corps Marathon.


Runner 8 – Rachel
Rachel will be my hero forever because she brought a cot for me to sleep on.  She kept us all in stitches, and declared herself the princess of the group.  For a self-declared princess, she can run muddy trails with the best of them.  Had there been dust, she would have left me in it! Rachel is running the Diva Half, Army Ten-Miler, and Ragnar DC this fall.


Team Volunteer – Melisa
Each team was required to provide a volunteer, and Melisa graciously agreed to represent our team.  When not fulfilling her volunteer duties, Melisa helped Gayle out with team organizational responsibilities, and aided the runners with anything we needed.  She was amazing, and we can’t thank her enough for the role she played!



Front Row: Lupe, Rachel, Deb, and Melisa / Middle Row: Carrie and Gayle / Back Row: Meagan, Angela, and Erin


And there you have it – nine women, zero drama, lots of mud, and even more fun! 


  • Questions:
  • Do you prefer running with friends or alone?
  • Have you ever run a Ragnar Relay or Ragnar Trail, or similar relay?
  • Who’s racing this weekend?