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Friendship – the state of being friends : the relationship between friends
a friendly feeling or attitude : kindness or help given to someone
~ Merriam-Webster



Friends come in and out of our lives like the ebb and flood of the tides – certainly not intentionally, but with uncontrollable changes in our lives…  We may drift apart physically, but our feelings for our true friends never change. 

My friends from college, whom I mostly communicate with through social media or Christmas cards, are friends that I’m able to pick up with right where we left off when we got together at our last reunion or tailgate.  We may not live near each other or visit often, but when we do get together, we have a blast.  These are the people I’ve known the longest, have the most history with, and our friendship endures.

My close group of friends, whom I’ve met through our children, on the running trail, or in the gym, are people who mean the world to me.  Our lives are busy and we don’t make enough time for each other even though we keep saying we’ll change that.  It’s no one’s fault really, it’s just the way our crazy lives have become.  I know that they would do anything for me; as I would for them. 

Running friends are the easiest to stay in touch with because we visit while out on a run.  This group of friends are made up of people who either hired me to be their coach, or I met through one of my running groups.  I’ve always said that you can get to know someone by running with them for twenty miles better than any other way.  There’s a vulnerability that’s exposed on those long runs, an honesty in conversation, and the real soul is exposed.

As blessed as I am with so many friends, there’s one person who I’ve had the longest friendship with – someone I see every day and consider my best friend.  He’s someone who knows me better than anyone, shares many interests, and yet is so very different than me.

I first met him in December 1976, I married him in August 1981, and now all of these years later I still feel the need to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.  Being married to my best friend is a gift, and one that I don’t take lightly…


With whom have you had the longest friendship?


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