It’s not every day that you’re blessed with a beautiful new daughter, but a year ago today we officially welcomed Julie into our family.  I wrote about the rehearsal dinner being on Bill’s and my 33rd wedding anniversary in my post The Rehearsal Dinner, Our Best Anniversary Ever.  Last night while enjoying a quiet evening at the beach, we reminisced about the stark contrast between our 33rd and 34th anniversaries.

All photos in this post except for the first and last were taken by Anne Lord Photography.  Her photographers did a fabulous job, as did Julie’s cousin who took this beautiful picture of Julie and her mom Janet in the the back of the Rolls Royce on their way to the church.


Daniel, the younger of our two sons, served as his brother’s best man. Best buddies always, it was such a joy to see the two of them have so much fun from the bachelor party which started with golf, was followed by sky diving, and ended at the horse races; to standing together as Joseph and Julie wed.


Little cousins of Joseph and Julie got to be the “little princesses” – what my great-niece on the right preferred to be called instead of a flower girl.  Rather than calling Julie by her name, she referred to Julie as the big princess.  Little did we know at the time, but these two little girls would turn into dancing machines at the reception!


I know I’m biased, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a happier or better looking couple!


Leaving for the reception…


The official wedding portrait outside the reception hall…


Sibling, cousins, college, and life-long friends made up Joseph and Julie’s wedding party.


Finally, the last picture was taken and it was time to get the party started!



Cocktail hour was held at the restored 1799 Manor House at Belmont Country Club, with the reception immediately following upstairs in the Grand Ballroom.

Happy to be introduced to our family and friends as parents of the groom, Bill and I chose to leave the entertaining entrances to the kids and just walk in – although Bill looks like he’s mixing in a little dance move there.

I love, love, love Janet’s eager anticipation as she peers around the corner behind us.


Next to be introduced were the parents of the bride – Janet and Rich.  In case Janet looks familiar, she’s one of the Cruisers, too!  Of course neither of us look anything like this in any of our training or racing pictures!


Up first from the wedding party to be introduced were the best man and maid of honor.  Daniel, our youngest son, served his brother as best man; and Julie’s younger sister Meredith was Julie’s maid of honor.  Julie’s brother David was one of the groomsmen.


And finally the moment everyone had been waiting for… the bride and groom were introduced!


And they had the cutest choreographed first dance to “L O V E” by Frank Sinatra.


Daniel’s best man speech was a hit and cracked us all up.  I love the crowd’s reaction to his description of meeting Julie for the first time and his digs at his brother!  We’re expecting this video to go viral any day now!


I think Joseph and Julie liked it!


After speeches and toasts to the bride and groom, it was time for the father-daughter dance.  Julie and her dad chose “It Won’t Be Like This For Long” by Darius Rucker for their dance.


And soon I would be able to relax and enjoy the rest of the night, but first I had to make it through the mother-son dance.  Joseph and I chose “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King for our dance.


I seriously have two left feet (that’s why I’ve never taught group-exercise classes), and I was so happy I made it through without falling or stepping on Joseph’s toes.  My friends knew that I was nervous, and I love everyone cheering when I make my first turn without tripping!  My favorite part of the video is at 1:12 when the little princess is one of the first on the dance floor when the DJ invites the guests to join Joseph and me.


You know it’s going to be a great party and that you have fun family and friends when the guests jump on the dance floor to dance between the dinner courses.  The second the salads were finished the dance floor was full, and more than a few salmon and steak filets got cool before being enjoyed.

The DJ was amazing, the playlist was spectacular, and we didn’t stop dancing all evening.  Before we knew it, it was time to cut the cakes, dance to a few more songs, and bid our family and friends farewell.


The following morning, Bill and I hosted a brunch for our family, and my little great-niece (the little princess) told me that her feet hurt from so much dancing.  What a wonderful compliment to Julie’s parents for throwing such a great party!


  • Questions:
  • If you’re married, when is your wedding anniversary and how long have you been married?
  • What was your best or funniest piece of advice when you got married?
  • Did anyone race this weekend?