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Ambitious – having ambition;
having a desire to be successful, powerful, or famous;
not easily done or achieved; requiring or showing ambition
~ Merriam-Webster



How do you define an ambitious runner?  Does she have to run faster or farther than on her previous runs?  Does she have to run more races than the previous year?  Does she have to beat her competition at every race?  

Of course not…

She simply needs the desire to be the best runner that she can be, while setting goals that aren’t easily achieved.  Being ambitious means working hard, and aiming high relative to where that runner started.

For one runner, it might mean getting up earlier for tough workouts; and a tough workout could be working hard until being able to run a mile without taking a walking break, with the ultimate goal of running a 5K.

For another runner, it might mean hitting the track to run 10 x 800-meter repeats, each in 3:10 with the goal of running a 3:10:00 marathon.

And for yet another runner, it might mean getting up at 4:30 AM Saturday-after-Saturday to finish long training runs before herding the kids to soccer games while training for an ultra.

Whatever those ambitious goals, hard work will keep it exciting and hopefully bring success as those goals are realized.

Thanks to my friend Miles, I had ambitious goals when I started training for my first Marine Corps Marathon.  With his guidance, I set a goal to BQ at that first marathon and to run the JFK 50-Miler less than a month later.  For a beginner distance runner, those were ambitious goals, but I attained them through hard work and perseverance.

Would I recommend such ambitious goals for everyone?  Not necessarily, but I certainly wouldn’t discourage them for anyone crazy enough to try.  I would, however; encourage everyone to set ambitious goals and enjoy life to the fullest!



What is your most ambitious desire?


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