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Accountability – the quality or state of being accountable;
an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility
or to account for one’s actions
~ Merriam-Webster


“I need someone to hold me accountable” is the number one thing I hear when I ask a perspective client what I can do for them.

Yes, my clients hire me to teach them new exercises, to talk to them about nutrition, to help them set and meet goals, to get them stronger, to make them faster, to help them lose weight and inches; but mostly they hire me to help them maintain accountability during the process. 

If you think about it, accountability is the missing link to achieving many of our goals.  It’s sometimes difficult to accept responsibility and own our actions – or lack thereof.  With just a little effort, we can aspire to become more accountable, and therefore; more successful at reaching our goals.


Five ways to increase accountability in the gym or on the running trail:

  1. Set measurable goals
  2. Make goals a priority
  3. Schedule workout into your day and put it on your calendar
  4. Find a workout partner
  5. Reward short-term goals


Give these five tips a try, and see if you can increase your accountability factor.

How do you add accountability to your life?


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