It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since I lost my dad. Some days it seems like it was forever ago, but other days it seems like just yesterday.  We all deal with grief differently, and I choose to deal with mine in the same way Dad taught me to deal with everything else in life – positively and with a sense of humor.


Please don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing funny about losing a parent; however, from early on, I tried not to dwell on my sadness, but remember the happy times.  I chose to celebrate my dad’s life, and remember him for the amazing man that he was, and I’ve also chosen to remember all the valuable lessons he taught me along the way…..


Dad taught me that no matter what, family is everything.

Dad taught me to shake hands with a good firm grip, and look the other person in the eye.

Dad taught me to always respect my elders.

Dad taught me not to be afraid of bugs or spiders.

Dad taught me that we only have one body and to respect it, and make it as strong as possible.

Dad taught me to work hard, and be proud of my efforts.

Dad taught me that desserts are always better if they’re made with chocolate.

Dad taught me that the glass is always half-full.

Dad taught me that there’s a world out there just waiting to be explored – on the pages of a good book.

Dad taught me not to be afraid of the dark.

Dad taught me that no matter what, not to give up on our Hokies’ football team.

Dad taught me to appreciate a good corny joke.

Dad taught me to manage my money well and save for the future.

Dad taught me to always try my hardest, always!

Dad taught me how to ride a motorcycle fast and without a care in the world.

Dad taught me how to figure out trick questions and riddles.

Dad taught me to live life with no regrets…..


  • Questions:
  • What has your dad taught you?
  • Are you lucky enough to still have your dad?  If so, when did you see him last?
  • What your funniest story about you and your dad?