On Wednesday while exploring what  ageless means to me, I had a chance to share how I feel that age isn’t just a number. I think it all boils down to enjoying life and not getting hung up on your age. I’m talking about age a lot this week because I turn 58 tomorrow. I’m at the age where my husband really could trade me in for two 29 year olds and not have to worry about getting any change back. πŸ˜‰

Today’s post is both lighthearted and serious while focusing on ten tips for feeling young no matter your age. I hope you enjoy!


 1.  Wear a ponytail – Nothing says young and sassy like having a ponytail flop up and down while running.  

2.  Listen to current music – My youngest sons makes my playlists because he has great taste in music and has a knack for putting together a perfect blend of songs.  He always puts in one song that I’d never listen to otherwise that has me smiling when I hear it and think of him. Friends my age seem to love listening to classic rock, but I’ve been there/done that and prefer today’s music.  

3.  Hang out with young people – I touched on this yesterday, mentioning that most of my friends just happen to be younger than I am – anywhere from a couple of years to twenty-five years younger. Only when we’re tailgating with our college friends am I with my own age group, but even then, we enjoy the company of students and new Hokie alumni.

4.  Find a passion – It’s kind of a no-brainer, but nothing keeps me happier and younger feeling than doing things I truly love – like running.  

5.  Eat well – A well nourished body has more energy, performs better, and has less difficulty maintaining its weight; and all of these things make me feel younger.

6.  Stay hydrated – It’s no secret that being well hydrated makes us feel better, and when we feel well, we feel young.  Being well hydrated helps keep our joints well lubricated and moving better. Water flushes toxins out of our bodies making us less susceptible to infections, and it helps flush out sodium keeping us from getting that puffy old look.

7.  Stay current with technology – Whether you’re communicating on tweeting, sharing pictures on Instagram, or figuring out how to sync your newest Blue Tooth devise, being able to do these things help keep us in the loop. Nothing makes me feel older than listening to my friends or sons talk about doing something that I’m completely unaware of.

8.  Don’t say, “I’m too old for that.” – Every time you say, “I’m too old for that,” you’re missing out on an opportunity to live. Live a little, take risks, and do what you though you’d never do.

9.  Get up and move – Even if you have a sedentary job, find opportunities to move. Whether it’s walking two floors up to the restroom or doing squats by you deck, set a timer to get out of your chair every hour.  My grandparents settled for sitting on the front porch and watching the world go by. I plan to be part of what they were watching.

10.  Live for the future, not in the past – This can be a tough one, but trust me, you’ll be happier and feel younger living in the present and planning for the future. Living in the past will constantly remind you of what you can no longer do.  Living in the present will force you to try to be the best you can be – today and tomorrow.


More than anything else, have fun and don’t take yourself too seriously.  Anyone, at any age can be young at heart – you just have to want it!


  • Questions:
  • Of these ten tips for feeling young, which do you practice?
  • If girls look cute in ponytails, what do you think of man buns?
  • Are  you racing this weekend?