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Cherish – to feel or show great love for someone or something;
to remember or hold an idea or belief in a deeply felt way

~ Merriam-Webster


I like running, and I cherish the time spent with friends on the trails; but do I cherish running? I suppose, but what I really cherish are things far deeper, things I adore, things that tug at my heart, things that give me warm fuzzies… 


I will always cherish:

  • My family
  • Friends, old and new
  • Childhood memories
  • My memory of the very first time I met Bill
  • The intense look on my babies faces the first time they gazed into my eyes
  • Laughing until my jaws and belly hurt
  • The letters my my mom wrote to me when she was away at college
  • My grandmother’s 1918 class ring even though she died before I was born
  • The week I spent with my dad before he died
  • Time spent with my mom helping her heal
  • Seeing the sunrise most mornings
  • The memory of my sons’ first visits home after going away to college
  • The way Bill greets me when he gets home from work each and every evening
  • The first snowfall of the winter
  • The feeling I have the moment I walk onto the Virginia Tech campus 
  • Sitting around the table laughing – just the five of us
  • The many photo albums I have from Joseph’s and Daniel’s childhoods
  • The feeling of freshly cut grass under my bare feet
  • Time spent on the Appalachian Trail with Bill
  • The magical feeling of sitting under a newly decorated Christmas tree with all of the lights off except for those on the tree
  • Family reunions
  • Dimples in a baby’s hand
  • Seeing the abundance of wildlife in our back yard
  • The smell of curing hay when I visit the farm
  • The strong manly hugs from both of my sons


Today would have been my dad’s birthday. He was smart, funny, athletic, and handsome; and he worked harder than anyone I’ve ever met. Dad was a good man, treated my mom like gold, loved his family and community, and in doing so set a great example for my brother and me. I truly cherished him. 



I feel truly blessed during this month of Thanksgiving to have so much to cherish.  My heart is full, and I’m grateful for every cherished memory.


What do you cherish?


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