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Triumphant – resulting in victory or success;
celebrating victory or success

~ Merriam-Webster


I’ve had a long and triumphant running career. I’m often in the middle of the pack, sometimes at the back of the pack, and occasionally at the front of the pack; but that doesn’t matter. Triumph can be accomplished in many ways.

I ran track all through high school, and even though I was never the fastest, I tried the hardest. In looking back, I was never the bride, but always the bridesmaid. I think it was my junior year that I finished second in every single race. Yet two out of my four years, I was selected to receive a special award at the end of the season – not because of being the highest scorer, not by far, but for always giving 110%.  

Hard work made me triumphant!


Yes, hard work made me triumphant, but I’m not alone. Everyday I see my running friends and clients enjoy their own victories and successes. Some victories are big, some are small, and I try not to overlook even the smallest accomplishments, such as…


Those who tackle obstacles to be runners, who work through injuries, who faithfully stretch and foam roll as prescribed by their physical therapists, and successfully get back on the running trail…

They are triumphant!


The non-elites, the runners who never expect to win a race or even come anywhere close, yet work extremely hard to set a new PR…

They are triumphant!


The first time marathoners, half marathoners, and anyone who toes the starting line of a race to tackle a new distance for the first time… 

They are triumphant! 


The moms who finish their runs before anyone else in the house wakes up, or they wouldn’t be able to run…

They are triumphant!


The everyday athletes who know they will feel better and perform more efficiently if they improve their diet, set up smart well-balanced eating plans, and stick to them…

They are triumphant! 


The runners who don’t like to cross-train, but know it will help make them stronger runners and help prevent injuries so they make the time …

They are triumphant!


Being triumphant doesn’t only mean winning, it means having your efforts result in a victory, no matter how big or small. Being triumphant is being successful and meeting your goals. Being triumphant means something different for everyone.


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When do you feel most triumphant? 


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