This morning the Cruisers and I met for our seventy almost-annual Easter Bunny Hop. We’ve been celebrating Easter with a bunny hop since 2009, and last year was the only year that another running event kept us from being able to meet.

The day before our run requires some shopping and basket assembly on my part which is always so much fun.


It took less than an hour to assemble the baskets, complete with plastic eggs filled with jelly beans and Hershey eggs individually labeled for each Cruiser.


Since the Cruisers weren’t meeting until 8 AM, I chose to meet my MRTT friends at 7 AM to get five miles under my belt before the Bunny Hop. The picture is blurry because my arms were shaking due to the 38° spring morning.


With five miles under our belts, Tracy, Amanda, and I got back to the parking lot just as the rest of the Cruisers were arriving. I opened up my SUV for an Easter tailgate and gathered the Cruisers around. I gave away four “grand” prizes of little Reester Bunnies (affiliate link). Prizes went to : the youngest Cruiser in attendance, the second youngest Cruiser in attendance, the Cruiser who’s attended the most Bunny Hops, and the Cruiser who has the most races scheduled this year.


Photo courtesy of Tracy

Before diving into the Easter treats of chocolate milk, bananas, Sports Beans (affiliate link), Shot Bloks (affiliate link), jelly beans, and Hershey eggs, we posed for a picture.


Photo courtesy of Tracy

After our ten-minute party and before heading onto the trail for our wide assortment of miles and paces, we posed for one last picture.


And then we took off…


I ran four miles with the Cruisers and needed to run one more mile to complete my scheduled ten-mile run, so I hit the trail by myself for that final mile. Just as I finished, I saw my buddies Beth, Erin, and Melissa finishing up their twelve-mile run. Yes, these rock stars ran twelve miles while I ran ten, but in my defense, I stopped for a party in the middle of my run…


Photo courtesy of Erin

Perfect weather, perfect friends – what more could a runner girl ask for on such an important holiday weekend?




  • Questions:
  • Do you have any running traditions with your running friends?
  • If you celebrate Easter, what are your plans?
  • Did you race today?