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Dreamer – one that dreams;
one who lives in a world of fancy and imagination

~ Merriam-Webster


I grew up a dreamer…

Dreaming was how I made the time go by faster. Dreaming was my way of coping with boredom. Dreaming was my friend.

I grew up out in the middle of the country living a pretty perfect life. I didn’t, however; have any friends who lived nearby. There were no play dates, no after school activities with friends, just farm chores and homework – the only exception was during track season from March to May…

Summer days for me weren’t spent at the neighborhood pool with friends, but instead out in one of the fields helping my dad and great-uncle put up hay. As much as I loved my dad and Uncle Ted, I quickly bored of politics and current events, and let my mind wonder to more exciting things.

I dreamed of running for gold in the Olympics. I dreamed of playing tennis at Wimbledon. I dreamed of being anywhere other than where I was with the hot sun beating down on me. 

Those highly developed skills as a dreamer served me well years later when I took up marathoning. I trained for my first marathon and ultramarathon alone, long before meeting the Cruisers. All of my long runs were solo with only my ability to drift off into another world keeping me company.

Yet each of those runs seemed to go by quickly. I don’t recall counting off the miles completed or the miles ahead. I don’t remember feeling bored. The miles just clicked away, and before I knew it, I’d run twenty miles. 

The miles flew by as this dreamer envisioned herself running into Olympic Stadium to the roar of a screaming crowd, crossing the finish line winning the marathon by mere seconds…


Are you a dreamer? If so, what are your dreams?


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