I’m still on a runner’s high from a very fun weekend with my MRTT friends, especially Megan, since I don’t get to see her very often. My workouts earlier in the week were totally structured around Ragnar Trail Richmond which was coming up on Friday and Saturday.

With thirty-some trail miles to cover in three runs, I decided to go on my tempo run on Monday and to do an easy run on Wednesday so my legs could rest until my first Ragnar run on Friday afternoon.

While out on Monday’s run, I made a new friend alongside the trail. I also saw my little fox friend in his usual hangout, but he’s always much too stealthy for me to capture his picture.



I decided to switch my easy run to a walk on Wednesday, and found these wild flowers along the trail.


  • Thursday 
  • Yoga For Runners
  • Teeter Inversion – 15 minutes

On Thursday, I spent all of my spare time getting my stuff ready for Ragnar. Despite not spending much time working out, between training clients and packing, I was on my feet most of the day – not what I’d planned.


  • Friday 
  • Running – 12.4 trail miles at Ragnar Richmond Trail

Bill and I arrived in Richmond around noon on Friday. Bill would be staying with Meagan’s husband and dad, cheering us on, and playing the role of the team photographer. By the time we arrived all of the setup work had been done at our campsite – perfect timing, but not planned. 

Before our first run, Meagan and I had the pleasure of meeting Karen, from More Clutter From Karen, who went out of her way to stop by to see us! Karen came bearing gifts of little shoe ties. Mine says, “Enjoy the Moment.” Thank you, Karen!

I wish we’d had more time to hang out, but with the first of three runs looming, we had to keep our visit short so Meagan and I could get ready to run. Karen was every bit as sweet in person as she appears on her blog, and it was so nice to finally meet her.


As promised, Bill and Meagan’s family were waiting for us on the first loop of our first leg. As ultra runners, we ran two consecutive loops on each of our three legs. Each leg was supposed to be anywhere between ten and twelve miles.

Notice the head lamp in my hand. The sun would be setting soon after our second loop started, and we would be running most of it in the dark.


Photo courtesy of Bill


  • Saturday 
  • Running – 11.36 trail miles at Ragnar Richmond Trail
  • Running – 10.66 trail miles at Ragnar Richmond Trail

After about three and a half hours of sleep Friday to Saturday, we started our second leg around 4:55 on Saturday morning. I was super nice knowing that the sun would be coming up during our run. The first half of our early morning run seemed the longest even though it was the shortest course; but with Meagan and me feeling pretty sleepy we weren’t very chatty and the miles dragged by…

By the time we started our third and final leg, we were raring to go and the miles flew by! Bill captured this photo of me as we headed out for our final leg.


Photo courtesy of Bill


  • Sunday 
  • Yoga for Runners
  • Teeter Inversion – 15 minutes

Bill and I have spent almost the entire day today working on pictures from both the Loudoun Half/8K and Ragnar Trail races. My plan is to finish the Loudoun Half and 8K recap now that we’ve finished the pictures (I know, I’ve promised this twice already), so I can move on to writing my Ragnar recaps (one recap for each leg) by the end of this week. Fingers crossed!

Weekly Overview: 

  • Weight Training: Monday and Wednesday
  • Running: Monday – 6 miles, Friday – 12.4 miles, Saturday – 22.02 miles (Total: 40.42 miles)
  • Walking: Wednesday – 4 miles
  • Biking: Tuesday – 15 miles 
  • Yoga: Daily except Friday and Saturday
  • Teeter Inversion: Monday, Thursday, and Sunday
  • Average Steps Per Day: 29,252
  • Average Hours Sleep Per Night: 5:43 hours


  • Questions:
  • Do you notice animals or flowers when on your runs or walks?
  • Have you run a Ragnar Relay or Ragnar Trail Relay?
  • Did you race this weekend? 


Have a great week!


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