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Freedom – the quality or state of being free;
the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action

~ Merriam-Webster


I thank the good Lord every day that freedom is all that I know, and strive to honor those in the military today and long before I came into the word for everything they have done to assure my freedom. As we approach Memorial Day, now is the time to reflect on freedom and those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice so that we might live freely in this beautiful country.

I was reminded of our freedom when I saw a bald eagle in my back yard a couple of months ago. I saw him first, twice the size of the broad chested hawks I’m used to, soaring through the brilliant blue sky. His bright white head and tail, a beautiful contrast to his dark brown body. I stood mesmerized by my kitchen window as I watched him glide effortlessly putting on a little show just for me. 

The following morning, Bill and I watched as our new eagle friend perched on a tree branch right outside our office window and ate a fish he’d just caught in the creek behind our house. We hoped he would stay and nest in one of our huge oak trees, but we haven’t seen him since those two days.

Around the time that our bald eagle visited, two baby eaglets made national news when they made their grand appearance hatching on the live eagle cam at the National Arboretum, mesmerizing the nation. Those two famous fledglings were named Freedom and Liberty, thanks to a nationwide “Name the Nestlings” social media campaign. Should our bald eagle return, I think I’ll call him Freedom.

Whether Freedom returns to pay me a visit or not, I’ll be reminded of him when I go out for a run and spread my wings and fly. Nothing feels like freedom more than running – not on a training run where I’m working hard to hit my paces, but on that first run after a big race, that first run after the end of a training cycle. I’m taking this week off after running in the Chicago Spring Half Marathon on Sunday; but next week, next week I’ll experience freedom when I run without a care in the world!


When do you experience freedom?


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