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Consistent – always acting or behaving in the same way;
continuing to happen or develop in the same way;
of the same quality

~ Merriam-Webster


If nothing else, I’m consistent. Some people might call it predictable or uninteresting, but I like the sound of consistent better. I’m comforted by running on my familiar running trails. I like knowing what to expect, where there will be hills, where there’s shade… This type of consistency might be detrimental though. Running on the same trail at the same time allows patterns to be observed, and leaves me more vulnerable.

Today, though, I want to talk about the positive aspects of consistency. In March I picked yoga back up after about a twelve year hiatus. All along, I knew I should find the time for yoga; but running and weight lifting always took precedence. It wasn’t until I put it out here on the blog that I finally held myself accountable, ordered three yoga DVD’s, and actually started practicing. 

Within a week of bringing yoga back into my life, I started to notice a difference. My form might not look very pretty, but I’m seeing subtle improvements in my flexibility and that’s what matters. I know that it will only be through remaining consistent with yoga that I’ll continue to reap the benefits. 

The same is true with my running. Disappointment from no longer being able to run marathons took me out of the racing scene for a few years. While I was having a blast going on relaxing easy pace runs with my friends, I wasn’t happy watching my pace grow slower. It wasn’t until I met my MRTT friends and started hitting up races with them that I brought speed work back into my training plan. 

I discovered that regular interval sessions at the track and weekly tempo runs helped me get faster, and quickly.  I carefully planned out my schedule for each training cycle, and maintained consistency in following my plan. And you know what? It paid off. My race times came down, I set several age adjusted PR’s, and I actually found myself on the podium for some age group wins. Consistency in training was the key to my success.

Now if only I could find time to be more consistent with my blogging…


How has being consistent improved your life?


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