This week was full of ups and downs, both figuratively and literally. The ups and downs on Saturday were rather fun though! 

On Monday morning a got a text from Erin asking if I had time to go for a walk. We met just after noon as soon as I finished up with my morning clients. We were so happy to see each other that we jumped for joy!


And did a few other shenanigans along the trail route… A year ago I could barely get into the star plank position, but after working intensely on my core, I can hold a star plank for just over a minute on each side!


Photo credit: Erin


  • Tuesday 
  • Intervals – 1-mile warm-up, 4 x 1200 at 7:42, 7:27, 7:38, and 7:22 paces (goal pace was 7:30) with 400 recoveries, 1-mile cool-down
  • Rodney Yee’s Intermediate Yoga (affiliate link) Sun Salutations
  • Teeter Hang Ups (affiliate link) Inversion – 15 minutes

After my left hamstring cramped at last week’s track workout, I had a bone to pick with those 1200’s and returned to try to redeem myself and finish the workout without any issues. Mission accomplished, and I left the track feeling confident and light on my feet!

By the time I finished my post-intervals cool-down mile, the clouds were quite showy so I took the time to set up my GoPro and snap some pics of running some strides along this quaint white picket fence.


I heard the on the weather forecast that there was a good chance of severe storms for Thursday morning, so Wednesday afternoon at 2 PM I headed out for a tempo run that was scheduled for Thursday. It was warm, but not humid and I had a fabulous run. Sometimes it just clicks. I carried my pepper spray because Facebook is full of pictures of bears sightings from all over our community. No bears were seen on my run – somewhat to my relief and disappointment. 


  • Thursday 
  • Strength Training – 1 hour
  • Yoga For Energy
  • Teeter Inversion – 15 minutes

You know when you do something stupid and know it almost immediately? Well, that was me on Thursday afternoon when I got home from the grocery store. Instead of making two or three trips from my car to the kitchen with my groceries, I tried to carry them all in one big bulky, heavy trip. As soon as I got into the kitchen, I felt it and knew I’d made a big mistake. My back didn’t hurt, but I felt that horrible sciatic nerve pain run down the back of my right leg

I put my groceries away and took two Advil in hopes of making the pain stop. It didn’t. I was uncomfortable both standing and sitting, so I headed to our bedroom to hang on my Teeter Hang Ups and then lie down. After napping fitfully for about an hour (so fitfully that my nap didn’t even register on my FitBit), I got up and took two more Advil (I am not advocating taking Advil, but I was desperate). For the rest of the evening I was able to function pretty well and with only moderate pain. I took two more Advil at bedtime and slept quite well.

  • Friday 
  • Walk – 4 miles
  • Core Training – 15 minutes
  • Yoga For Running

I woke up Friday morning feeling fantastic, but as soon as I started handing weights to my first client I felt the nerve pain return, albeit somewhat less intensely than the day before. I ended up taking two more Advil and those did the trick; and I haven’t needed to take anything since. I skipped lifting weights on Friday and opted for a walk and a short core workout instead.


  • Saturday 
  • Run – 5 miles at an 10:04 pace 
  • Stand Up Paddleboarding – 1 hour 

Saturday morning I headed out for a short easy run with the Cruisers, knowing that if I was bothered by any pain in my leg I could walk instead. Since we kept it slow and easy, I was fine. We got a good laugh with the bikers as they passed while shouting that they’d photobombed our selfie!  


After my run on Saturday, I finally had the opportunity to give stand up paddleboarding a try. We had a blast , and let’s just say that I didn’t return as dry as when I headed out (thus my reference to fun ups and downs)! Be sure to check in on Tuesday when I recap our adventures on the Beaverdam Creek Reservoir!


Photo credit: Bill


  • Sunday 
  • Walk – 4 miles
  • Yoga For Runners
  • Teeter Inversion 15 minutes

On Sunday morning I went for a walk with one of my long-time BRF’s.  She and her husband will be moving in late July and I certainly will miss her –  so will our entire community! She’s one of a kind and I hope that we’ll stay in close touch even though she will be miles away… I’ll miss you, friend!


  • Weekly Overview:  
  • Weight Training: Monday and Thursday
  • Running: Tuesday – 6 miles, Wednesday – 7, Sunday 5 (Total: 18 miles)
  • Biking: none
  • Walking: Monday – 3.4 miles, Friday – 4 miles, and Sunday 3.5 miles (Total: 10.9 miles)
  • Yoga: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday
  • Teeter Inversion: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday
  • Average Steps Per Day: 14,762
  • Average Hours Sleep Per Night: 6:32 hours


  • Questions:
  • What have you tried lately that’s been on your bucket list for a while?
  • What wild animals do you have to watch for when out on a run? 
  • Did you race this weekend? 


Have a great week!


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