Starting this week, I’m changing up my weekly recap. Some weeks my  recap might be a combination of GoPro (affiliate link) pictures telling the story of the week, some weeks it might be a paragraph talking about something that impacted my workout, and some weeks I might include something funny or embarrassing that happened to me. I’ll also share a weekly overview instead of going into details about my day-to-day workouts.

Enough blog housekeeping, let’s get on with today’s post…


On Friday, one of my biggest fears came true (again), only fortunately, it happened when no one was on that particular spot on the trail that runs parallel to the parkway.

I sometimes run or walk along the parkway and when I do I keep alert to the traffic coming toward me. Usually I’m more cautious farther up near where those dump trucks are pictured, and the road curves slightly. Cars and trucks come flying down that hill and I cringe thinking what would happen if a driver failed to make the curve and hit someone on the trail…

This makes the third such accident on this part of the parkway that I’ve seen. Who knows how many I’ve missed. The first accident happened in about the very same place several years ago and that’s one of the reasons I’m always on high alert as I run along there.

I would consider crossing the parkway and runing along the other side, but pretty much the exact same kind of accident happened there – a car left the road, crossed the trail, and knocked a tree over. 


On Saturday afternoon, I walked over to check out the damage while keeping an eye peeled on the traffic behind me.


Rest in peace, little tree.


Stay safe out there!



  • Questions:
  • Do you run on trails, along a road, on a treadmill, or somewhere else?
  • What are your Independence Day plans? 
  • Did you race this weekend or are you racing tomorrow? ~ I’m running for the fourth straight year in the Firecracker 5K! 


Have a great week!


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