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Captivate – To influence and dominate by some special charm,
art, or trait and with an irresistible appeal
~ Merriam-Webster


We all know someone who captivates – someone who keeps others hanging on every word, entertaining through words woven together artfully until the final sentence. Having a friend who captivates can be very beneficial, especially during a long run.

I never appreciated such a person until my first long run with my friend and mentor, Miles. We met for weekly track workouts leading up to my first marathon, but it wasn’t until our first 20-mile race together that Miles really had a chance to shine. Up until that 20-mile race, all of my long runs had been alone. I wouldn’t necessarily say that I was bored during my long runs, but my time on the trail didn’t seem to go by nearly as quickly until I started covering those miles with Miles.  

Anyone who has run with Miles knows that he can talk. During our many long runs and races together, Miles kept my friends and me entertained. While my friends and I were struggling during our final miles, Miles kept talking without missing a beat. His stories were long, detailed, sometimes corny, and always entertaining.

Struggling, we hung on every word and while captivated by Miles’ charm and story telling ability, the miles click by, and before we knew it, our long run was finished. Please be forewarned though, if Miles starts to tell you the story about his wife’s cat jumping into the freezer, run fast, faster than you’ve ever run before; because even though you’ll be entertained for at least two miles, you’ll groan at the corny ending. 

Thanks for the many entertaining miles, Miles!


Who or what captivates you?  


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