The thing I love most about running is the freedom it affords – the chance to drop all of my cares and enjoy being outside with nature. Last week that freedom was interrupted when there were two attempted attacks on women on the W&OD Trail.

On Wednesday, a women walking on the W&OD Trail was attacked by two men who came out of a wooded area, but she managed to escape when a biker rode by and startled the attackers. Then on Thursday morning about twelve miles west of where the previous day’s incident occurred, a female off-duty sheriff’s deputy was running on the trail and managed to escape without being touched when she saw her would-be attacker approach her with a box cutter. In both cases the women were alone on the trail, but escaped physically unharmed.  

For the last few weeks I’ve been running mid-day to try to acclimate to the heat as I prepare for Ragnar DC coming up in three weeks. As a result, I have been running alone instead of running with my MRTT friends in the early mornings. Fortunately, my runs have been uneventful and I aways see a few runners and a ton of bikers while out on the same trail where these attacks occurred.

Saturday morning I chose to sleep in a little instead of getting up at 5 AM when my annoying alarm started blaring. By the time I got up, my running friends were coming in from their 6 AM runs as I prepared to head out. Bill suggested we drive out to the western part of the trail where it’s much more shaded and said he would bike while I ran. I envisioned him biking a few miles out, swinging around to check on me, and then heading out again. I really wasn’t concerned about my safety because Saturday mornings find the trail heavily traveled by runners, bikers, walkers, and even the occasional horseback rider. 

Instead of riding ahead and getting a really good workout himself, my saint of a husband rode right behind or in front of me because he didn’t want to leave me alone on the trail, even for a few minutes. We had a great time and even discussed the possibility of me getting a bike so we can ride together. While I had a great ten-mile run and I finished drenched, Bill didn’t even break a sweat.


Looking forward to this week, I’ll change up my run to avoid the trail, and I know I won’t be running alone on it anytime soon.

Here’s how the rest of my week went down…


Fitness tools beyond the equipment in my gym that I used during the week included: 

Cameras used for blog photography include:


  • Questions:
  • Do you think my husband was being overprotective or a sweetie?
  • Where and when do you run? Have you ever had any scary encounters with other people while running or exercising? 
  • Did you race this weekend? 


Have a great week!


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